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    Default CN- "Best Night" for dinner reservations?

    At some resorts we have visited there are certain nights when we did not want to get dinner reservations (sometimes because of a fun event like a special dinner on the beach or something) and other nights when we did want to avoid the buffet (sometime due the a particular menu or dinner theme we did not enjoy) and planned on getting reservations. What do you folks do when at Couples Negril?

    I know the food is always good at CN (so don't rush into resort defense mode please) but is there a night when you generally don't want to make reservations? Is there a night you tend to try to get reservations for?

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Thursday night is the beach party but it doesn't start until 9-9:30, so you could still do reservations that night and not miss the beach party. The repeaters dinner is Monday so Otaheite is closed that night. Sat night is an international buffet at Casava that is pretty good too. But they have buffets several nights so you have the opportunity for that other times as well. I think those are the "events" that you have to work around. Really the beach party is late enough, as long as you have an early reservation you are OK. HAVE FUN. It is a great place and you will love the food and the fun, but you DO want to eat at Otaheite at least once because it is a very special place.

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    Our reservation is when my wife tells me to make one. We never have paid any attention to what night it was, so I guess we do not have a favorite. I know no help mon.

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    Well, first there is only one restaurant where you can make reservations at CN. We never even attempt on our first day since we arrive mid to late afternoon and you need to make your reservations in the morning (usually). My suggestion would be to check the schedule of events when you arrive and go from there. You can also see the evening buffet menu in the morning when you go to breakfast then head over to make reservations if you don't like what you see.

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    You know what we do at Couples Negril and this will be trip #7 this year, we just sort of do whatever hits us at the moment. I know you are new to the place and you want to learn a lot, but you will get a laid back attitude as soon as you arrive. Check out the day's events in the morning at breakfast and go from there. Sometimes we planned on eating at a certain restaurant and then suddenly changed our minds. No problem. Don't worry about missing a great event. Just being there is heavenly!

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