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    Default CSA Greathouse suites?

    We are only able to book our trip at the last moment and it is looking like it may come down to a choice between Gardenview Verandah or a greathouse suite. Has anyone ever stayed in the greathouse?

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    Personally, I would not like to stay in the any of the greathouse rooms. I don't really care for the hotel feel and some of them aren't in the best location. I also spend most of my time on the complete opposite side of the resort. I prefer the older side of the resort and would get a GVS but request one of the older buildings because I like that location better and they are slightly less hotelish. I like to sit on the balcony and really like being in the quiet garden area. The greathouse balconies are really not near any vegetation and are exposed to the traffic of the pool and restaurants. Many would not mind that and prefer that side of the resort and hanging out at the swim up bar but it just isn't for me.
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    I agree 100% with Melody! :O)

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    If you love action and want to be in the thick of things, the Great House is for you! We saw the inside of one of the rooms, and it was really lovely and quite large, but the view was of the back of the building next door, so we chose to relocate.

    If you want a bit more quiet, then I'd go with the GVS.

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    We stayed in a Great House Verandah Suite and loved it. We had a clean room and a nice partial view of the ocean. It was also pretty quiet. I can't compare it to any other rooms since we've only been once so far but we had no complants.

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