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    Default Repeaters dinner at CSA

    Quick question, where is the dinner held at for the repeaters dinner at CSA on that Monday? usually what time do they hold it and is it a sit down dinner and how long? Curious.( We have friends meeting us there for our wedding and curious how long we will be gone for, this is their first trip)

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    The dinner is held at Patois Patio. I think it normally starts about 7:30pm, and it is a sit down dinner. There is like a cocktail hour first and then dinner. I would say you're there about 2 hours, if I remember correctly. :O)

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    Hi - we were just there. Cocktails 7:30 until 8:00. Dinner from 8:00 until at least 10:00 - we left around 9:30 because we wanted to listen to ultimate chocolate.

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    It starts right after the Managers cocktail party which starts at 6:30 and runs about an hour. I would figure on about 7:30 for the dinner which is (at least last April) on the deck area next to the south pool by Patois. It is a sit down dinner and is the equivalent of going to Feathers. Most people dress semi-formal and the dinner is fantastic. You will have a member of the staff at your table which is a very nice touch. You can plan on up to 2hours for the dinner if I remember but we were not keeping track of the time. They do also have entertainment during & after the dinner. It's very nice and, by all means, make it if you can.

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    Starts at 8 I think and takes a least 2 hrs. Wear light clothes, it gets HOT in there.

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    Jane you're going to love the repeaters dinner at CSA. We had the same issue with our friends who went with us on our trip two years ago. They were new to Couples that trip so they couldn't attend it but they understood going it on their own for a few hours. We had heard so much about the dinner that we didn't want to miss it. Anyway to answer your question, the dinner is a sitdown dinner at 7:30 pm in the Patois Patio restaurant. It's a pretty long drawn out affair but in our opinion well worth it. One of CSA's managers will be sitting at your table which sits around 8-10 prople. It's surf and turf and the only night besides Saturday when you'll get lobster. If I recall correctly you can attend the 6:30 pm manager's cocktail party with your friends which is held in the Greathouse just before the repeaters cocktail party held at the pool-bar. Don't miss the manager's coctail party because you can mingle with all of the resorts awesome managers in one place. You can meet your friends after dinner for the entertainment in either the Palms Restaurant or in the Aura Lounge.
    Enjoy your time in Paradise, aka CSA.

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    When we were there last year it was held on the patio by swim-up bar pool outside the Patois Patio restaurant.It is a sit down dinner starting around 7 PM and lasting not more than a couple hours. It's a great time to meet other "repeaters" and get to know one of the staff who hosts the table.

    Bart & Bug

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    Default Repeaters Dinner - length and where held?

    I am also curious for responses! There are two other couples joining us this year for their first time so we would like to give them an estimate of how long we will at the repeaters dinner and approximately when we could meet up with them afterwards. Thanks!

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    Do you get a menu or is it a set menu already? My wife is kinda picky and actually didn't like Feathers last time.

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    Thanks Guys, I knew I would get an answer, can always count on this message board. Will tell them to meet us afterwards. Oh dont worry we are NOT missing it, its our wedding also there so want to take part in anything we can. Jane

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    Default Repeat dinner

    Hi! I'm so excited, I just booked an April trip for csa. I have been to cn twice, but this is my sweetheart's first time to couples. Will he be allowed to join me for the repeater's dinner and a trading places to cn for the day? Thanks!

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