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    Default Do You Wear Your Diamond Ring?

    Would anyone here advise against wearing a diamond engagement ring to Jamaica?

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    yes I have worn mine but I don't wear it out on the catamaran or on excursions. I bring a small jewelry box and keep it in the safe when I don't have it on.
    Erika & Sean

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    I personally choose not to waer my diamonds to Jamaica. I do wear a simple band that has tinhy diamonds all around it - I paid $150 bucks for it a long time ago. When we did our vow renewal this past fall - that was the ring blessed so I have added to my wedding rings and wear it all the time now.

    But if it gets lost it is not the end of the world.

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    We got married at CSS last year so we had our rings with but quite honestly I would not worry about it. I locked mine in the safe during the day so I could swim in the ocean and pool and not worry about losing it. If you're doing any watersports it is best to leave it in your safe in my opinion. Other than that it is very safe. I actually have a fake band of stones that's elastic I wore at times to the beach just because I'm so used to having a ring on. Silly I know but it felt weird to go without a ring.

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    In our 18 trips to Jamaica, I have never worn my wedding ring or my anniversary band. I have an eternity band that I wear in lieu of my wedding ring on beach vacations. It's still a diamond ring, but it's much less expensive than my wedding ring, so I wouldn't be horrified if I lost it. I have a lot of "vacation jewelry" that I only wear on our beach vacations.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    Over the years we have read of more than one guest at Couples losing a wedding ring on the beach, swimming or while scuba diving or snorkeling. I have not heard of any sort of theft of wedding rings, but unless you have an excellent fitting ring I would advise not wearing it in the water. My wife has a nice, IMHO, diamond engagement ring that she leaves at home when we travel to CSA. However, she does wear her gold wedding ring, we have matching bands, but removes it for beach or water activities. I wear my wedding ring all the time, have for over thirty years and have not lost it yet.

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    I'm wondering about this as well... not at the resort, but on excursions, and such..

    Can anyone shed some light on this?


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    I have been to CSS and CSA and I always leave mine at home. I have heard way too many stories of people loosing their rings in the sand or the water. I know some people take them and leave them in the safe and only wear them to dinner, but I would recommend leaving them home. Better safe than sorry

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    I have always worn my jewelry to the resort and on the beach, but there will be some who do not. There have been cases where people have lost rings because of a combination of sunscreen or massage oil, and that is always a risk especially if the ring doesn't fit perfectly.

    In our 10 trips to Couples resorts I have never had an issue.

    Basically I'm of no help whatsoever... LOL

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    I have been to going to Jamaica and Couples Resorts for the past 15 years. I always wear all my diamond rings, and have never ever had a problem. We walk the beach every day, go out at night, and I have never felt the need to remove my rings. Go and have a good time.

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    My fingers swell up when I am in Jamaica so I save myself the trouble and worry and go ringless.

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    I wore my wedding/engagement ring and did not think a thing about it. I put it in the safe only when I did water sports so it would not fall off into the water. There was a person we met there though who did not wear hers. I guess I did not even think about it getting stolen or anything and I NEVER felt I was in a situation where it would have. For me - I am so proud to wear my ring and could not imagine not having it in my finger every day.

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    The only reason not to wear it is if you are afraid of losing it while swimming or on the beach. There is no reason to worry about it being stolen any more than if you were at home.

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    I always wear my nice anniversary ring to Jamaica (along with other nicer jewelry) but it goes in the room safe once we arrive at the resort & only comes out when we go to dinner.

    My Warning After Working 15 Years In An Insurance Office & Also Traveling To Beach Vacations for even longer than that ------ DO NOT WEAR YOUR ENGAGEMENT RING ON THE BEACH OR AT THE POOL OR ON EXCURSIONS WHERE YOU WILL BE IN WATER!!!! Never been to a resort where during our visit someone didn't lose their ring due to their hands getting greasy from suntan lotion & water & it can slip right off .... Men lose their rings too. Have helped search for many of them during sand & pool volleyball games when they fly off .... some never to be found. Also, make sure to get the ring insured so it is covered for the full amount if it should be lost or stolen which can happen anyplace ... even at home. It always broke my heart to have to tell some new bride that the ring that she lost on her honeymoon is not covered because she didn't get it insured. Happens more than you can imagine. Just play it safe & leave them in the room safe until you're dressing up for dinner. Better safe than really sorry.

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    We were married at CTI last March. I wore my engagement ring to the resort while having both wedding bands in my purse during the plane ride. I never had a security problem. During trips into Ocho Rios for shopping, and other excursions, we both wore our rings, and other jewelry, we never had an issue.

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    I wear mine to Jamaica but all my valuables go in the safe. You would not believe haw many people lose rings at the beach or around the pool.

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    I am wearing mine since I am getting married there, Going to take it off and put in safe though when I go to swim. Fingers shrink!!!

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    I wear mine, and I've never once felt unsafe or even questioned it. :O)

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    ABSOLUTELY!!! I never wear my real wedding set to Jamaica or any beach vacation. With the sunscreen and water it is way to easy for it to slip off your finger and be gone forever into the ocean. I've heard too many stories and experienced it myself where someone lost their ring in the sand or ocean. I have a "fake" wedding ring set that I take with me and only wear in the evenings. My hubby doesn't wear any jewelry in Jamaica. You do have the option of only wearing your ring at night, but I highly recommend against wearing your ring during the day especially in the ocean or headed out on day trips. Even playing volleyball on the beach or in the pool we have witnessed people losing their rings.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Not unless you're worried about it slipping off in the water or something - in which case you should leave it at home or in the room safe. But as far as it being stolen or whatever, I don't worry about that at all.

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    I can only speak for Mrs. Mohetoe as I have never been presented with a diamond engagement ring myself, but she wears a rather similar looking fake. It is worth noting however, that Mrs. Mohetoe has been known to take full advantage of the all inclusive beverage options.

    The fact that we stay in Jamaica has nothing to do with her decision.


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    I wore mine to Jamaica, but would take it off if we went snorkling, on the Cat Cruise or other physical activities. However, I did see one poor girl loose her ring in the sand while playing volleyball. But if you'r just laying on the beach, you should be fine.

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    I wouldn't wear it on the beach or at the pool. Lotion,, water and sand are a dangerous combination.

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    NO WAY do I ever take any valuable jewelry on vacation to anywhere especially a beach where the salt water and sand can damage and scratch things. Took my real wedding set once when we did a vow renewal at CSS and it lived in the safe the whole time except for the ceremony and Starlight Gala after. I have several gorges totally fake bridal sets for travel that have gotten more complements then my very expensive real set. Vacation is the perfect opportunity to buy some gorges fakes! Then if you loose something you won't spend your vacation bummed about it!
    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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    I always wear my ring. Some people say to put it in the vault if you are going to the beach because you don't want to lose it there, but I've never had any problems.

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