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    Hi All, My hubby and I are going to CN in September, anybody have any recommendations on which drinks are the yummyiest? I love tropical flavors, who doesn't, but I wouldn't have a clue what some of those drinks are called....a little help pls....Karen and Robert....

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    No worries, mon! At CN, they have drink menus at the bar to help you order. Plus, the bartenders are so great, you can tell them what you're in the mood for (such as, something fruity, with rum but not too creamy) and they will make you something! You can also do the "Point and order" - if you see someone else with a drink that looks yummy you just point and order what they have!

    But for a good starter list, here are some of mine..

    Vodka slushy tops the list! It tastes like a frozen lemonade. And too many drinks with cream make me feel heavy - this is just vodka, ice, lime juice and simple syrup.

    Dirty banana, purple rain, hummingbird, frozen rum cream, pina colada, miami vice, strawberry daiquiri, blue hawaiian, ice coffee, mud slide, Jamaican browning....

    I say try them all!
    Amy Welch...Woooohoooo!!
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    Mimosas & Bloody Marys available on the breakfast line-up.

    There is a "Special of the Day" posted at the swim-up bar.....usually have to try that first.

    Then....I like a Pina Colada with a dark rum floater. (Mudslides are good, too!) Hubby usually goes for the Red Stripe or just about anything else!! Watch out for Rumrunners....they can knock your socks off (Or else Dave @ CSS gave us a little extra "encouragement" for SSB!!!!!!)

    Martinis in the evening are great. Rum Cream for after dinner.

    (Oh, and the food is good, too )

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    Adding to what Amy mentioned - Try Coconut Passion, Couples Blue & Rum Punch. At the Piano Bar, you have to get a Tropical Martini.

    Also, try a Bob Marley - It's not very "tropical" tasting (unless you think that cough syrup is "tropical") but you have to try one. It's a very pretty drink.

    Besides the bar menu that shows you alot of the drinks & what's in them, they have a daily drink special so you can try something new everyday from that.

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    AWESOME, thanks for all of the feedback....oh my god, I cannot wait to get down there and try some of those....PINA COLADA with DARK RUM FLOATER.....good lord....why can't time gonna write some of these down so i can dream about them for the next 40 days or so.....this is the longest summer of my life.....relaxation, here i come....COCONUT PASSION, DIRTY BANANA, TROPICAL RAIN, IM LOSING MY MIND HERE....I have to go calm down and do the dishes or something....thanks so much guys....i love it...Karen

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    Have a Pina Colada but ask for a VX float on top. The VX top Appletons rum slowly drops through as you drink it. Another one I loved was the Blue Mountain Bobsleigh. These were my main 2 at CSA but at night I was known by Oneil and Romaine as MR Jack, cant beat JD and Coke to chill out at night. Some nights I was so chilled I cant remember getting back from the Aura Lounge lol.


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    Default Cocktails

    My favourite is a Key West Cooler.

    It is made from;
    1/2 oz vodka
    1/2 oz Malibu® coconut rum
    1/2 oz Archers® peach schnapps
    1/2 oz Midori® melon liqueur
    2 - 3 oz cranberry juice
    2 - 3 oz orange juice

    Fill a Collins glass with ice.
    Pour in the Midori.
    Mix the Malibu & Archers with the Orange juice and pour over the back of spoon to keep separate from Midori.
    Then mix the vodka with the cranberry and pour over the back of spoon keep separate from the previous mix.

    Green bottom, yellow middle, red top!

    Hey presto Key West Cooler

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    Hi-i can never go wrong with a hummingbird or dirty banana @ CN. :-) Have a great trip!!

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    hummingbird!! Yummmm!

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    didn't know there were so many tropical drinks to be enjoying! im so pumped...thanks for all the recommendations guys, i'll be trying them all hopefully

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    Quote Originally Posted by NewfieNewbies View Post
    didn't know there were so many tropical drinks to be enjoying! im so pumped...thanks for all the recommendations guys, i'll be trying them all hopefully
    Just don't try all the tropical drinks in one day ...... Pace yourself ..... or you will pass out & miss out on a LOT of fun!

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