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    Default Repeaters Dinner ?

    My husband and I stayed for the 1st time last year at CN for our honeymoon and are now going to stay at CSA for our 1st Anniversary. Will we get invited to the repeaters dinner at CSA even though this is our first time staying there but second at a Couples Resort? Or were we suppose to stay at CN again to receive an invite? Thanks!

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    No you will get invited but make sure you register before you go, or checkin it says so they know your coming. Your invitation will be in your room for that Mondays dinner.

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    If you have stayed at any Couples resort and then go to another resort. Register for Romance Rewards and you will be invited to the rereat stay dinner at the resort you are staying at

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    yes, it doesn't matter where you stay. You are a repeater to Couples.

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    Yes you will be invited to the repeaters dinner.

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    Thanks all!! I can't wait!

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