We had our wedding at CSA on May 29, 2010 and it was fabulous. It’s now almost a year later and I still think about it all the time!
When I was planning I promised myself when I got back I would post photos and write a summary mainly to help the people trying to plan a wedding with a larger guest count since there isn’t a lot to draw from on the message boards or the Couples website. I’ll try to keep this brief but I’m more than happy to respond to any questions:

# of guests at our wedding: 42 total, with 40 staying with us at CSA
Time of day of wedding: Sunset Package (~5:30 pm).
Photos: We went with an outside photographer, Ronald Samuels from WPA Jamaica (contact info rs@wpajamaica.com, website www.wpajamaica.com). We absolutely LOVED him. He has a great personality, lots of fun, he helped to lighten the mood to loosen us up, he was great. And the pictures speak for themselves, we're very happy with his work. I uploaded our full photo package from Ronald at http://jeffandheathersweddingpublic.shutterfly.com/, please feel free to take a look.
Flowers: My bouquet was a slight upgrade (maybe $30), the bridesmaids were the basic.
Hair/Makeup: We had our hair and makeup done at the salon. Kareena did mine, she was very nice and did things just how I asked (very natural makeup and hairstyle).

Rundown of wedding events:
Day before wedding (Friday)-
•Met with the wedding coordinator, Tamika, in the afternoon (she’s great, by the way), to make all of the wedding decisions. Flowers, cake, wedding location, dinner location, reception, etc. It was all very easy and no pressure.
•The entire group went on the CSA catamaran cruise, everyone loved it. It was a lot of fun and gave everyone a chance to get to know each other. I had made reservations with Debbie in advance.
•We had dinner together at the beach party. I had asked Debbie to reserve tables for all of us, so that worked out very well. This was also tons of fun.
Wedding day (Saturday)-
•Enjoyed the morning on the beach (very nice!).
•Went to salon in the afternoon for hair/makeup. This entire ordeal took maybe 2 hours because there were 5 of us.
•Went back to the room to get dressed, and some pics before the wedding. Our photographer arrived while I was at the salon, this was when he took pics of my husband.
•Wedding was on the beach at sunset. It was lovely.
•After the wedding we had a 2 hour cocktail party on the beach with a 3 piece steel drum band, hot and cold aps. Most of the posed photos were taken during the first half of the cocktail party, then we did the cake cutting, champagne toast, speeches, etc at the cocktail party.
•Dinner at Patois. They reserved a section for us with ~4-5 long tables. It worked out well.
•After dinner we went to the martini bar, and enjoyed the band at the Palms below.
•After the martini bar we went to the Aura lounge for some dancing.
•Late night (maybe midnight or 1 am) everyone put their bathing suits on and we went to the pool near Patois. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day!

All in all, the planning went very well and the wedding went great! There were a few planning problems, where we were told at the last minute that we couldn’t do what we had originally planned for due to a miscommunication and scheduling problem, but we decided that rather than get upset we would just make the most of our other options and in the end we were very happy.
A couple of pieces of advice:
Be VERY clear about your intentions and what you want. And do it as far in advance as you can.
Although it does not say this on the website, some things do need to be booked in advance, such as the private cocktail party or dinner party and the music that you want to have at that private party.
There are certain things that they don’t tell you in advance…like what the minister is going to say (slightly religious but not over the top), and how the cake/champagne/speech stuff will go (there will actually be an MC with a microphone, etc.). You kind of just have to go with it.

Also, I have TONS of pictures that I did not post so if you’re interested in seeing what things look like post a response with your email address and i'll send you pictures of whatever you're interested in. I have pics of the catamaran cruise, the dinner, martini bar, the club, pools, beach, etc.

Happy planning!!