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    Default Send us your best snow pictures. Win one free night


    I live in Florida and of course our resorts are in Jamaica. No snow for us. For those of you who have the the fortune - good or bad, depending on one's point of view - of living in the frozen tundra (hehe) share with us people- less or more fortunate, depending on one's point of view - your best snow pictures from this winter.

    The one picture that we - in the warm Florida office - decide is best will win one free night on a future stay at your choice of Couples Resort.


    1. Judging is strictly subjective and our decision is final. Supposed to be fun, guys...

    2. One free night may only be applied to a new booking, not an existing booking.

    3. One entry per user so pick your favorite.

    Here's one from Michele, our Chicago-based Ambassador of Romance. No sales calls for her today. LOL
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    Couples Resorts

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    Not a snow picture, but a picture of my temperature gauge in my car on January 21, 2011 in Forest Lake, MN. Couples Negril/Sans Souci, soon come (February 25th).Name:  30 degrees below zero.jpg
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    First time poster! My little Dallas loves running around in the snow and he was particularly interested in how it smelled in this picture

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    Default snow people in maine

    ready for the beach
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    Default Deer in Snow

    From New York State
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    Oh Yeah Baby! This sounds fun! We have some doozies from the 12/26 NJ Snow Storm - 3 Ft... will have to look thru our pics tonite
    Art xo Francine

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    Zachary snow angel-ing it.

    3 yo Zachary is the son of Andrea, our Director of Sales and Marketing, also Chicago based.

    Aww, to be young again...
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    Couples Resorts

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    Default Its Just pretty......

    Baby It's Cold Outside!!
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    Default Fred and Becky

    Quote Originally Posted by Fred&Becky View Post
    Baby It's Cold Outside!!
    The dog in your picture looks just like my Lucky! LOL!

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    What warms the heart on a cold winter night? LOVE

    Taken in downtown Philly during one of the many, many, many, many snow storms this winter!!!

    Negril come soon? Yes mon... THIS SATURDAY!
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    Default Literally Snowed In!

    We had Snow Drifts in our front yard 6' tall! No Lie! The snow drift on front door created quite the impression!
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    Not from this Winter, but one wicked Colorado storm in March 2003
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    Default Blizzard of 2011

    Anyone care for a burger?
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    Default Snorkeling in the snow

    Snow Snorkeling!
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    Last edited by Beergirl; February 3rd, 2011 at 05:58 PM.

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    Default Chillin in Pennsylvania..

    Aaaah, Jamaica, ..soon come.
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    Oh my gosh, the man snow snorkeling has my vote, that is a great picture!!!! Man there is some serious snow at some peoples houses, wow!!

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    Default Snow day in Amber, OK

    Well my husband and I have been snowed in with the kids for the past 2 days and are enjoying every minute of it. But, in my spare time I am constantly on the internet trying to decide on our plans for our 20th Wedding Aniversary. We are thinking Couples Swept Away at the end of July. This will only be our 2nd vacation in the last 20 years so we want to make it a good one. Maybe this picture will help us earn an extra night.

    This is a picture off of our back porch during the blizzard on Tuesday. We don't usually have this kind of weather here in Oklahoma so it was wild to watch.

    Can't wait to see the beach in July!!
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    Default pics from me, but I think we're (the Floridians) probably the fortunate. :O)

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    When does it end? (The contest, not the snow coming down right now!)

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    21 inches in Racine, Wisconsin, wind gusts to 50mph
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    Default I saved a bag just for you!

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    Default Take Me Away!

    Wicked Winter in New England!
    I'm ready for some sunshine!
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    Default "What in the world is this?" says the puppy..

    Gabby...the precious Shih Tzu...has never seen ice/snow and is confused...this pic is after 20 minutes of her looking at the same spot in awe:

    Name:  Gabby.jpg
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    I hope the picture shows up. Also, Randy we haven't booked yet but were planning to reserve our trip tonight...would we still qualify for the snow pictures contest as a new booking?

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    Here's a photo of a blizzard emergency kit

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    Default Winter Wonderland

    What do you do when the snow is above your waist and your snow blower???
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