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    Default Flight Information - HELP!

    Which is better - to book the flight when you book the room with Couples or to book the flight on your own? Any suggestions? Any tips? This is the first time we will be coming to CN and are SO excited - it will be our honeymoon and we want to make it the best we can! Thanks in advance!

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    We always book our room through Couples and book the airfare when the best rate becomes available.

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    We usually book separate, but we also book before flights are available. I'd suggest looking at both options. See which has the best flight times and the best price and go from there. When we have looked at booking both, we didn't care for the flights that Couples offered.

    When booking flights we like to get there as early as possible even if it means a red-eye flight and leave as late as possible without an overnight flight (because they are usually just long layovers). Remember when booking your flight that you will leave the resort about 4 hours before your flight.
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    Sometimes it is cheapest to book your arrival and departure flights separately so you might want to check into that as well.

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    We booked our CN trip with an online travel which included air and hotel and I think we saved a bunch by booking together plus we got the great flight times we wanted.

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    Here's the thing... you CAN book your stay at your favorite Couples resort quite a bit sooner than you can book air (nominally 330 days out). If you choose to book your Couples stay that far in advance (more than 330 days out), you'll HAVE to wait to book your airfare.

    Hope that helps...

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