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    Myself and my husband will be travelling to CN on sat (5th Feb)and this is our first time to the resort and Jamaica. Has anybody got any hints or tips for us to make the best out of our stay?

    Also if anyone will be there at the same time as us it would be great to say hi!



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    Read the FAQs. They will provide you with a lot of information.
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    Don't let the trip to the resort worry you. I know the first time we went to Jamaica, I was thinking what in the world have I gotten myself into on the trip to Negril. I mean I knew the country was poor, but I had really never experienced anything quite like it. It made me really sad, and I was hoping the rest of the country did not look that way. But trust me everything will be amazing and beautiful at Couples, and the people of Jamaica are so friendly and warm!!! Now, I love the trip over. :O)

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