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    Default bathrooms at CSA

    what are the bathrooms like at Couples Swept Away? I am thinking of staying in the atrium suites and heard that they don't have tubs in the atrium suites. Is that true? Are the bathrooms small? decently sized?


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    Nope they do not, but the BFS do not either, did not miss tub one bit, the shower is big at least that is what I thought The bathrooms in the Atrium and SBF are simple but do their job.

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    Some rooms do have tubs...look at the room descriptions on the CSA website. The atrium suites do not have a tub.

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    I really love the walkin shower they have in the Atriums and BFS. I love the window too. I open the shutters and look out at the scenery while I take a shower. I actually really miss the showers there when I get home.

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