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    Default What's on your iPod?

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to get my iPod beach ready! It's still a while until we leave but I need some good music to get me by until May! What are you favorite beach tunes? My current favs are Toes by Zac Brown Band and of course anything from Bob Marley! Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has!

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    Start listening to Pandora, create your own reggae station. It will give you lots of ideas you may never have thought of and you'll know it's stuff you really like.

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    Yeah, you definitely are not going to hear enough Bob Marley while in Jamaica. Make sure you take some.

    Personally, and this is just for my taste, I enjoy listening to some great classic rock for a change of pace, as a little reggae goes a long way with me.

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    Beres Hammond
    When you listen at the beach you really feel like you are in Jamaica (and you are! LOL) ...then when you listen again at home... you feel like you are back in Jamaica (but then sadly, you are not. LOL)

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    We're headed to CN for our third time on 3/12 and I've been compiling my playlists - I have one for the room for when we get ready to go out at night (since CN has docking stations in all the rooms) and I have a seperate playlist to listen to while at the pool and/or beach.

    Don't know if they're your taste but here goes a few:

    UB40 - Can't help falling in love
    Uncle Kracker - Drift Away (I also have the original by Dobie Gray)
    Jimmy Cliff - I can see clearly now & Shelter of your love
    Fugees - Killing me softly
    Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Somewhere over the rainbow & Take me home country road
    Christopher Cross - Sailing

    That should get your going!

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    My iPod is full of eclectic rock.
    From Alice Cooper to U2. 60's to 2010. Glam to Metal. Carole King to Lady GaGa. Beatles to Buck Cherry.

    I like my rock.

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    jimmy buffett - dukes on sunday

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    Pandora... You can't go wrong!

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    I am still a country girl at heart so its new country and a little rock thrown in...we will be there in may also 4-9th maybe we will be there at the same time.

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    There are some FREE podcasts on iTunes that I enjoy very much and have downloaded onto my iphone. Specifically:

    BigMikeyDread - Reggae Radio
    House of Reggae
    Sunshine Reggae

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    "Get away to where the boat leaves from" by Zac Brown.

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    Jimmy Buffett (of course)
    Bob Marley
    Uncle Kracker -- Smile, Follow Me
    Kenny Chesney
    Al Jareau -- Album-Breakin Away
    Tracy Chapman -- Gimme one reason
    Tim MacGraw/Faith Hill
    Dr Hook
    And a host of others

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    Matisyahu, bob marley, damian mArley, buffet, somewhere over the rainbow by Israel....many more
    Erika & Sean

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    Mine is loaded with Green Day! Plus a little Katy Perry, Pink and GaGa.

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    Old rocker here, and have been rebuilding my vinyl collection with cd's for about 20 years. Now that I've got my new iPod, I'm in the process of moving that, as well as my classical and reggae collections, to iTunes. Quite an extensive exercise, but its coming along, and I'm about half done.

    The beauty of it is, you can choose to load up and travel with whatever strikes your mood or fancy at the time. Naturally, the beach bring out that certain vibe that you don't want to be without.

    Load up on reggae... feel your way around on Pandora, 1FM or any of the other myriad streaming radio options to be found online these days. Other beach faves for me are this Jason Mraz youngster, Jimmy Buffet, the BeachBoys... you know what you like, go for it!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Bluegrass to The Black Keys. The Grateful Dead to Jay Z. Sly and The Family Stone to The Drive By Truckers. I have a wide variety of music on my IPod because I am pretty much a "music geek".

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    Inna's on iTunes.

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    Two of my favorite songs that I keep on my I-pod are Pressure Drop and Time Tough by Toots and the Maytals. They always take me home to CSS.


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    Marley of course! Gyptian, Luciano, Sean Paul, Vybz Kartle, Jah Krue and Mavado.
    Also, I-Octane and Pressure. Both great! Damion told me about them last year.
    Anyone going soon? Please tell Damion hello from Vince & Maria.

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    try looking up Beres Hammond, Luciano, or Morgan Heritage for contemporary reggae, and Toots and the Maytals and Bob Marley for classic stuff
    The sun & the sand & a drink in my hand, with no bottom

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    IPOD stations need turning down at CTI!! not everyone wants to hear blasting from the rooms?!

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    Great post idea!! I have island music playing all day long on my iPod at work

    My favorite is Michael Franti... But some others that are getting me in the mood are:
    Slightly Stoopid
    Ziggy Marley
    The Dirty Heads
    and of course, BOB

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    whats on my ipod....????......WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!!....YEAH PACKERS..!!!

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    Don't forget Etana


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    Thanks for all of the suggestions! I will be looking those up! Is Pandora available when there is no internet connection?

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