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    Default CTI Room/Resort Pics Help

    We're heading to CSA in a couple days ~ YEAH!!!! ~ but since the early booking prices just came out for 2012 we're already planning our next trip.

    We absolutely love CSA! We've been there four times and it's always amazing ~ but we're debating possibly trying out CTI next year just to try another Couples resort.

    Based on the Towers Isle descriptions/gallery, I think we would want a 1BR Ocean Suite or an Ocean Jr Suite. So, if anyone has stayed in either/both of these rooms at CTI, I'd love to get your opinion on the room/view, etc. I'd really love to see pictures too!

    As usual, any help would be greatly appreciated ~ including any tips/comparisons from those who may have been to both CSA and CTI so we could get an idea of whether or not we want to try a change.


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    We have stayed in the 1 bed suite. It was very nice and we got it on a Wednesday special. I think if I ever did a suite again I would go for the junior suite as the price is lower. We usually stay in the Premier ocean rooms which do not have the mini bar. None of the rooms are bad at CTI the only ones that don't have some view of the ocean are the garden rooms.

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    We have been to both CSA and CTI and they have totally different vibes. CTI is more hotel like. When you are on the small beach and facing the sea, behind you is lots of buildings. Not much vegetation to walk around in and we found we were walking indoors a lot and one of the things we really liked about CSA was walking around the property. The food and drink and service were great at both resorts, just totally different atmospheres and vibes. Good luck deciding, but if I had to pick, I'd go to CSA again. If I ever go back to Ocho Rios, we'll go for CSS because of the beautiful grounds. CTI just doesn't have that.

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    I have pics of the Ocean Jr Suite from our stay in October 2009. Email me and I can forward you some room pics and some other general CTI pics if you'd be interested in seeing them.

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    I put some pics up from our trip to CTI

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