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    Default Feb 13 - 20 CTI First Timers

    Any other first timers going to be at CTI and any recommendations on MUST DO's from past guests? My wife and I are celebrating our 1st Anniversary while we are there and cant wait to get away to some sunshine and get away from the cold. Looking at numerous websites it has conflicting word on if Dive classes are included and at least a 1st dive is included. Also curious about the horse back riding if jeans are REQUIRED and is like a trail ride or along the beach. Look forward to chatting at the swim up bars and gets some sun! Only 11 days til the fun begins!!

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    The horse back ride is a trail ride through an old plantation which has some great views. It is pretty tame but all right.
    I'm already certified so don't know about the diving but I thought it was all included.

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    Default our 10th anniversary!

    hi we are at cti for 2 weeks from 7th-21st, it will be our 10th anniversary, we were married here in 2001! cant help you with the diving question but i would say wear long pants horse riding or you might end up with sore marks from stirrup straps! i went on the included horse riding at the plantation & it was great. hope to see you there, we are bernadette & daryl from the uk.

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    Thanks for the information and we are looking forward to meeting everyone and taking advantage of the dive program, horseback riding and all other activities. Obviously being that we will be there over Valentines, I am sure there will be plenty of romance in the air!! Lets all hope the weather is wonderful because we all know that the company will be outstanding!! 8 days and a wake up and we will be there. Being a NEWBIE, we will buy everyone at the swim up bar a drink!! Look forward to seeing everyone soon!!
    Jeff & Michelle

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    My husband and I will be there for two weeks in 11 more days! Yipee! The horseback riding is up the mountain in a defunct coffee plantation and really cool, but you must wear long jeans. If you like to have fun, DO NOT pass up the canopy adventure. It's a zip line treat up in the mountains. We absolutely loved it! Happy Anniversary! Sun_princess

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    Being Valentines week don't forget 02-17-11 which is INWSD!!!

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    Default First time and anniversary for us as well

    Hi there, We will be at CTI Feb 11th -18th, we also are celebrating our 10 year anniversary on the 17th. Very much looking forward to celebrating what sounds to be lots of anniveraries, and a few weddings with everyone!!

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    Ok I have to ask what is INWSD? I am pretty good at acronyms being retired military but I cant figure this one out.
    Jeff & Michelle

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    INWSD stands for International Naked Water Skiing Day, and is being held at the Island, I believe Feb 16th. See Islandbliss for details. Thanks for inquiring !!!

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    Majweav, the diving that is included if you are not certified is a resort course and one shallow dive. After that if you wanted to dive more you would have to become certified. We did the resort course back in 06 at CSA and got hooked but for many reasons each year we did not take the course, finally last Dec we got certified at CTI, and have enjoyed diving on our trips. Hubby will be doing his advanced open water this trip. We dive usually every morning, me and my sinuses can be a little more fickle he never has a problem. Are you an island person majweav? We can fill you in on INWSD when we meet.. First round of drinks on me..
    Hello ctifirsttimers, it will be a wonderful week, and you are right, lots of anniversaries, weddings etc...Just looks for us, and say "hi".
    Much looking forward to 4th annual INWSD 2011, (I think) Kevin.. See you all real soon..
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    We have two more tans and a wake up.

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