We are getting ready to book our fall trip to Jamaica.

We have been to CN 3 times and CSS 1 time and want to try CSA this time. We stayed at a lot of other jamaican resorts before finding Couples and now we are hooked on Couples.

My question is about the rooms.

I originally thought about booking GHVS but my travel agent suggested not staying there.

I liked the looks of the Atrium suites but I must have a TV to watch while the wife attends to her beautification project every evening before dinner and I watch the news at night.

We do not spend that much time in our rooms because we love the grounds and like to stay busy

We like a nice balcony w/ furniture so we can sit there in the morning w/ breafast but do not need a jacuzzi because we have one at home and I do not have to be beach front because we have a condo at the beach.

We want to be in the center of the resort but not near the road because we had a room at Hedo once that was near the road and the constant honking drove us crazy at night.

We are considering Garden Verandah or Ocean Verandah. One poster stayed in a Atrium for 7 nights and an Ocean Verandah afterwards and she felt like a downgrade in the Ocean Verandah.

Can CSA vets that have stayed in Garden Verandah and Ocean Verandah give me their opinion?