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    Default Special nights at CSS and CN

    We have been to all four couples resorts and are planning a return trip in December. However, we are having trouble remembering on which nights the special events (that is, Gala , beach party, repeater's dinner, etc.) take place. We are especially interested in CSS and CN. Can someone please refresh our memory.
    Thank you

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    At CSS:
    Tuesday - beach party
    Thursday - repeater's dinner
    Friday - gala

    Don't know about CN.

    At CTI:
    Monday - repeaters and beach party
    Sat - gala (but they moved it when we were there to Fri. for NYE)

    So events can be moved due to special occasions.

    Also, I noticed that the activities listed on the website didn't actually match the actual days for activities, such as the cat cruise. Maybe they have different schedules for different seasons, and it just doesn't get updated?

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    Just click on the "activities" link on each of the resorts you want to check out. It will give you the list of activities by day of the week.

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