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    We are heading to CTI in 10 more days and just wanted to know if there is Wifi all around resort? In rooms? or is there just the internet cafe. This will help be determine if I should bring lap top or not....Thanks

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    It is all around the resort. They even have different connections with different names for different areas (like CTI-lobby, or CTI-west). We were in building 4 and it dropped on us once, maybe twice. Usually it was fine. We actually logged on a bit to check the weather forecast to see if ti was going to improve! Lots of people were using it in the lobby.
    We also did pop into the internet cafe once or twice to quickly check emails. Except when it was raining, it wasn't busy in there.
    So if you don't feel like packing a laptop just to check emails a couple times, you really don't need to.

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    Hi Barefootsas,
    From memory there are several wifi hotspots --> by the spa, the main restaurant, reception and we think by the 'small' pool .. We took our ultra portable netebook and had no probs ..
    We had a garden room at the back of the spa, but, could not get a reliable signal from our room, but you may be luckier?
    Most envious as we have some months to go before we can come 'home' to couples
    Regards, Heather & David

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    We had WiFi from our balcony but not in the room - however we were in the area that is furthest from the main pool etc. There is WiFi all around the resort.

    The computers in the computer room are plentiful and very quick - if you decide to leave your laptop at home.

    Enjoy - you will love CTI!!

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