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    Default Favorite Foods at CSA

    What is everyone's favorite food or dish at CSA? We are getting ready to go back in May and I'm trying to remember the different foods there.

    The one that sticks out the most to me is the Beef Patties at the Cabana Grill. I must have eaten 25 of these during the week I was there.

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    Also, what is available for late night snacks?

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    The onion rings at the Cabana Grill are so good too! I also really like the pasta bar at the Palms.

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    Fish tacos at Seagrapes

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    Veggie burger at Sea Grapes. Pulled pork pizza at Patois.

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    Lots of favorites but I really enjoy Curried Goat at the Palms for lunch.

    Just 72 days till we return home to CSA !!!


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    Banana Stuffed French Toast at Patois! Yum! :O)

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    I forgot about the pizzas at Patois. Very good indeed!!

    I was actually quite pleased with the burgers at Cabana Grill for lunch. Great buns.

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    Grilled snapper sandwich (if they still have it) at Seagrapes.

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    I had a great bowtie pasta with jerk chicken for lunch at Patois, the pizza there is great as well. There are so many great options for dinner, I've tried so many new things at couples over the years that I would never try for the most part at home. Most of the time dishes that only have appeal to me based on the descriptions end up being some of the most delicious dinners.

    Now, my other fav. lunch at couples is mexican buffet at lunch. Wednesdays at all the resorts as I recall.

    Late night snacks, burgers, fries, grilled cheese, chicken fingers, wings that kind of stuff. I think it might slightly vary at resort to resort.

    The resorts that have a veggie bar, the sweet potato chips and dip seem to be a bit hit with a lot of guests as well for a snack.

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    Sweet potato chips and dip...I've tried to re-create those and it just isn't the same.

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    the jerk chicken at the cabana grill after the nightclub closes. Great way to end the perfect day. You already know about the patties--only 8 weeks to go for us --now you got me craving some Jamaican food--can`t wait,will have to buy some scotchbonnet peppers and try once again to make that jerk spice

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    Everything at Feathers

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    Pumpkin soup at Patois.

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    Th appetizer sampler at Lemon Grass which is rivaled by the sweet potato chips at the veggie bar.

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    sweet potato chips and dips at Sea Grapes
    and jerk chicken at Cabana Grill
    jerk sausage on the salad bar at The Palms

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    The spicy soup at Lemongrass...

    The appetizer bread and dipping sauce at Patois...

    Lime slushie (not food, but still)

    Can't start down this path - it's all good stuff...

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    Somehow, I completely missed eating at Sea Grapes the last time we were there but everyone raves about it. I also missed the banana stuffed french toast somehow and it sounds wonderful so I plan to get that next time for sure. There was a grouper (or snapper?) wrapped in parchment paper at the Palms that was sooo good! I also loved getting the local fruit and veggies (calalloo)!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sublimebrad View Post
    Also, what is available for late night snacks?
    Cabana Grill is open all night.

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    My husband and I usually go to CN, but, when we do Trading Places I literally run and get a snapper sandwich!!! I wish CN would make these awesome sandwiches!! Until then, we will have to do the Trading Plaec to get it. Not that I mind going to CSA.!!! It is a great way to see the other property, and venture out of the CN.
    One Love,

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    Fish tacos and sweet potato chips seagrapes. Snapped sandwich at the grill, jerk pizza Patois.
    Erika & Sean

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    Seagrapes fare is always a delight, no matter what you order. We also like the fresh fruit smoothies at Seagrapes or across the road at the sports complex. As for the restaurants, we prefer Lemongrass, we love Thai food. Breakfast at Palms is also one of our favorite meals. Not only is the food wonderful but the staff in the morning is fabulous. All smiling and open. We also get a kick out of the black birds that steal food from the bus trays. We always have at least one meal at Feathers also. The food is always excellent, the presentation is beautiful, the staff is professional but friendly. It is always an event to eat at Feathers. We have very seldom been disappointed in any of the food or restaurants at CSA. They try very hard to please and the vast majority of the time they succeed.

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    Default Just a few of mine

    Callaloo at the Palms for breakfast every morning.

    Steamed snapper in green curry at Lemongrass.

    Fresh papaya all the time.

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    All our meals were really good- breakfast, lunch and dinner. What I remember as my FAVORITE snack in between was the sweet potato chips at Sea Grapes. And I don't even care much for sweet potatoes! The chips are oh so good! I can't wait to have them again this August!

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    Mine has to be the jerk chicken pasta at Patois Patio!

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