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    Default fishing guides from CN or CSS

    My hubby and I are planning on going to CN and CSS (1 week at each) at the end of January / early February. Anyone have any suggestions on fishing guides for hire? Just looking for a small fishing boat that is equipped to take two people out for 1/2 day or so.

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    I know they offer fishing trips.... the boats are not to small though. We went the first and second years for marlin and the first year we caught two marlins and a king fish... the second year we only caught sea sickness.. haha... I cant remember the cost though... maybe around 350..

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    we are going the same time frame if you are interested on splitting the cost

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    Default fishing

    theo63 - sorry for the way overdue response. We'll be at CSS Jan 22-29 and CN Jan 29-Feb 5. what date (except for Jan 22 or Feb 5) would you be interested in fishing?

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    On the beaches at each of the resorts there are fisherman who hang out and will take you fishing. The boats aren't huge, but 2 people would fit nicely in them.
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    we will be there till feb 2nd so maybe the 30th steve n kim

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    At CN, on the north end of the beach just past the buoys, most days there is a fisherman named Mandela. Very nice friendly person. I think he wanted $20-$40 a person to go fishing.

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    Does anyone have any more information on the fisherman named Mandela who offers fishing at north end of CN? This sounds like an inshore fishing trip which I would be very interested in.

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    Yes. My husband booked to go out with Mandela but on the day someone called Razor turned up in his place.

    They went up the Black River and my husband fly fished. It is mangrove swamps - a bit like some of the FL Keys.

    My husband did catch some fish - not species that were familiar to him - but Razor took them home to eat. They were out for about 3 hours and I think it was about $25 for the trip.

    Go early in the morning as it gets very hot and the boat has no shelter!

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