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    Default Photo contest

    1. Enjoying the sunset together. 2.The suns path to romance. 3.Our candle box keeps couples burning in our hearts.
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    Default Our Trip to Couples Swept Away in Negril

    We took our first trip to Couples Swept Away in Negril this past November 21-25th.

    1. We closed Aurora Lounge down every night before heading to get cheeseburgers and jerk chicken by the pool!

    2. Negril equals paradise in every since of the word!

    3. Sweet love at it's finest!
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    Default photo contest

    I am unable to post pictures. It says it is uploading but then I get a message saying I have a security token missing. Help??



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    Default Feb Photo Contest

    First trip to CSA Feb 12 to 19 2011.
    We were very impressed about everything.
    Beautiful people and country made us feel at "home"
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    Default Sans Souci - Feb 2011

    We visited Sans Souci Feb 5-25, 2011. Hightlights of our trip were one word conversations with Cracker, Beach Party fire show & beautiful food & ice sculptures at the Gala.
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