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    Default February 2011 Photo Contest

    Good Luck!

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    1. Moon Halo again!
    2. Fresh breakfast delivered to our room.
    3. Our little CSA/Marley tribute corner.
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    Default Reflection at Tower Isle

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    My earlier upload of "Reflection at Tower Isle" was taken on January 29th, 2011, during our stay from Jan 23-30. Keith.

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    1. Beautiful Jamaican Sunset
    2. Newlyweds underwater snorkeling ring shot!
    3. In the comfort of our bed-Home away from home!!
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    Default Couples Negril

    1. Beautiful Couples Negril Sunset
    2. Newlyweds underwater snorkeling wedding ring shot!
    3. Ahh in the comfort of our bed-Couples Negril is home away from home!
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    1.Green palms, blue skies-a tropical paradise
    2.Remember the colorful flowers while it snows.
    3.The clouds parted to allow the sun to spotlight the catamaran.
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    Default 1. Google Welcome to Jamaica 2. Splash of delight 3. 3D logo

    Fantastic Winter Warm Up trip January 24-28, 2011 to Couples Negril booked through the Secret Rendezvous.
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    Default Amazing NEW YEAR - Photo Contest

    RELAXIN THE NEW YEAR IN AT COUPLES NEGRIL - December 30th to Jan 3rd 2011....Over the top amazing New Year's Eve Party!
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    Default Having fun at your holiday

    1. Jamaican hospitality
    2. A room with a view
    3. The ultimate holidaymoment
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    Best vacation ever at CTI, Jan 23-30.
    1. Refreshing.
    2. Island in a glass.
    3. Sunrise.
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    Default Couples San Souci

    1. Pathway
    2. Sunset
    3. Waterfall
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    1. Wine and Bonfire on the Beach at Couple Negril
    2. Beach Sunset at Couples Negril
    3. Perfect place to relax (or sleep) after dinner
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    Default Couples Swept Away

    Jan. 16-23. There was a group of us there for a week to attend a wedding.

    1. Our group name written in the sand.
    2. Climbing the palm trees to remove coconuts to protect the guests from the falling fruit.
    3. Amazing CSA sunset.
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    Default Couples San Souci

    A wonderful return week at San Souci!

    1. Enjoying the water bikes available at the water sports.
    2. We really enjoyed the nightly strolling sax player and here, when he played on sunset beach.
    3. A beautiful sunset from sunset beach.
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    Default CN Christmas 2010

    A Flying Gunerd - me & my honey headed for a night dive - sleeping fish on our night dive
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    Default Couples San Souci

    We are tipping the world to speed up time so we can get back to Jamaica faster.

    Shelly Ann one of the entertainment people at Couples San Souci, dancing on Disco night at the Au Natural beach.

    View of the San Souci resort from the Caribbean Sea.
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    Default final two photos

    My last two photos for the contest, taken at CTI in January.
    1. A beautiful windy day at Tower Isle.
    2. Fantastic dining experience at the Bayside.
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    These are pictures from out amazing 10 day honeymoon at Couples back in August.
    1) My husband's reaction after his one and only Bob Marley shot
    2) The hermit crab races at CSA (we sadly didn't win any that night)
    3)You can never get enough of the amazing sunsets in Jamaica
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    Default Beautiful CTI

    1. View of the island from our beach chairs.
    2. Even with a rain storm moving across the ocean....CTI is still beautiful!
    3. Best seat in the house.
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    CN January.
    Kissing couple and another couple we met at CN sent us drinks on arrival then surprised us by joining us for the week.

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    Default January CSS 2011

    1. Sunset Beach for a float?
    2. Tough day at the beach!
    3. Does it get any better than this?
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    One of our little friends at CN.
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    Default My Three for February's contest

    1. This says it all. Our fourth trip to CSA was last December.

    2. Sitting in front of our room enjoying the quiet beach at CSA.

    3. Every night , a fantastic sunset from our room.
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    Default Couples Tower Isle December 2010

    1. This was taken the day after our wedding in the spot where we were married on the beach. I love our rings in our hands.

    2. I love this view of the island. I miss CTI every time I look at it.

    3. This was our last moments at CTI. We were soaking up every second our the beautiful view before we had to head home.

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