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    1) Stop and Smell the Flowers
    2) The Top Looking Down
    3) Fishing not Catching

    From our CSS trip 11/27 - 12/4, can't wait to return!
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    Default CSA Feb. Photo Contest

    1. I heart Couples Swept Away
    2. Becoming One with the Ocean
    3. Most beautiful spot at the resort!
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    Default Swept Away

    Swept Away, miss it

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    Default photo contest

    These were taken on our trip in june 2010. We can't wait to come home next month!
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    1. Fishermen and Sunsets, priceless.

    2. Another Sunset at Sans Souci.

    3. Happy and satisfied at the mineral pool
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    Default Couples Tower Isle

    1. The place is just too amazing to explain it. We have this picture in our bedroom, it remind us beautiful and very relaxing time at the Tower Isle.
    2. You cannot find more Love then Love Night at the Couples....
    3. ...and the fresh shakes, fresh coconut, and great people......

    Amazing time....
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    Default dive boats at 3 Couples resorts

    I decided to theme my photos for this month - dive boats:
    1) CSA - dive boat just waiting for divers to take out
    2) CSS - dive boat heading out on a glorious morning for the first dive of the day
    3) CTI - divers heading to the dive boa tin a little bit of rough water.. but the sun is trying to shine through
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    Default February Pictures San Souci February 1 through 9, 2011

    1. Liquid Sunshine. Au Natural Sunset Beach.
    2. Today, tomorrow and always.
    3. Checkmate?
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    Default Paradise At CSA!

    1. Next Corona Commercial
    2. Goin To The Chapel
    3. Picture Perfect
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    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
    CSS 2010
    CN 2011
    CTI 2017 [50th birthday & 23rd anniversary], 2019 [25th anniversary]

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    Default Couples Sans Souci Jan. 15-22, 2011

    1. Breakfast view from Palazzina

    2. View of the wedding gazebo

    3. Romantic beach time
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    Default Split CSS Jan 29 - Feb 5/CN Feb 5 to Feb 12

    We had an amazing 2 week split vacation with Couples. Our trip far exceeded our expectations and dreams. At Sans Souci we were surprised with an upgrade to the Hibiscus Cottage - WOW - I still feel like it was a dream. Thank you Couples!!!!

    First picture is us in the Jacuzzi at the cottage.
    Name:  jacuzzi.jpg
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    At Couples Negril, this is the scuba boat with the sunrise highlighting it:
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    This is a gorgeous Negril sunset over the beach wedding area.
    Name:  couples negril sunset.jpg
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    Until the next time...

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    1 - Me and Bri at sunset (pic taken by a member of the great CSA staff!)
    2 - boat at sunset
    3 - Bri going for a sunset float

    (pix taken during 1st Couples stay 8/18-8/25 2009 at CSA - can't wait to go home this year and take more pix!!) - pix from CSA 8/18-8/25

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    Default Pictures from January 2011 CSA

    1. When reality seems unbearable, I know these two chairs at Couples Swept Away are waiting.

    2. Frolicking in the water is good for the soul.

    3. The pride of the staff was felt in our hearts as well as our taste buds.
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    Default Photo Contest - CTI

    This is from the Debi & Kevin WeddingMoon vacation December 11-16, 2010 (12-11-10)wedding
    We had great time - from first corresposdence with Latoya to the end of our trip. Kevin has never been to JA before, and now, we are planning ot come back this year for our first honeymoon. We genuinely enjoyed our visit. Had a wonderful - beautiful wedding. I was really happy, and excited about how my dress came out since I made the gold band around the waist. You should see the pics! But they were by a professional, so I couln't include them. Latoya even made arrangements for my niece since we had all 12 of our guests stay to have dinner with us. No regrets. We did golf, enjoyed the 'cultural night', did dunns river falls, night snorkelling ... so much. Love it- Keep up the great work and the same atmosphere. We LOVE IT
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    Default WeddingMoon - CTI

    We had a wonderful wedding - just like we wanted. Small and beautiful. Kevin and Debi were at Couples Tower Isle from Dec 11-16, 2011 and wedding on Dec 11. We had so much fun. Just before dinner with our friends after the wedding, we were walking around the proerty and saw this tree. We both said, "lets climb it!" and there we were giggling and climbing alike a few half drunk monkeys. LOL
    We had a blast though. The pic with the rings represent during our ceremony - the minister kept relating things to the wedding of what they symbolize - and when he held up the rings he said, "these ring are and outward symbold of the commitment between this man and woman" aww - it was very sweet.
    And the picture with the palm trees is the view from our room balcony.
    We'll be back this december to share the time with Kevin's brother and wife who were marred within a few days of us 2 years prior.
    FUN times - Fun times!
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    Default CSS Feb. 1-11, 2011

    Wally and I recently returned from CSS after 10 beautiful nights.
    Stupendous views, no matter where you looked. I really don't think you could take a "bad" picture here, no matter where you pointed your camera!

    Gorgeous sunset on Sunset Beach:


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    Default February Photo Submission

    Stepping Out at Swept Away
    A"Couples" of Sunset Horses at Swept Away
    Tennis at the Sports Complex
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    1.From my Beachfront Suite patio, you get beauty even from reflections.
    2.Sunset is like a screen saver.
    3. Our romantic dinner on beach!!!
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    Kris and Jamie

    In the middle of the action during the beach party...go Jamie!

    Gooooood monring CTI!


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    Default Best 12 days of our lives! CSS 2/1 - 2/12/2011

    1. Our daily mantra ~ Soon come. We enjoyed the best twelve days of our lives at Couples Sans Souci.Soon come Jamaica. Soon come.

    2. Our precious Couples memory book helps us remember what someone said, did, and most of all, how they made us feel. In love again.

    3. Is this love, is this love, is this love, is this love that I'm feeling? ~ Bob Marley
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    1. Our last view of perfect morning at CN
    2. Panoramic view of CSA from the Cabana Grill
    3. The sunset peeking through the palms at CSA

    CN 2005, 2007, 2008
    CSA 2006, 2009, Nov., 2011

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    Default An Awsome Time!

    Our first trip to CN and Jamaica and we felt like we were at home from the beginning!
    (1) Valentine's Evening Sunset
    (2) Morning over Bloody Bay
    (3) Relaxing in the swing at CN
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    Default Couples San Souci

    I am reposting with correct pictures.
    Quote Originally Posted by karyn View Post
    We are tipping the world to speed up time so we can get back to Jamaica faster.

    Shelly Ann one of the entertainment people at Couples San Souci, dancing on Disco night at the Au Natural beach.

    View of the San Souci resort from the Caribbean Sea.
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    Default February photo contest

    We had an amazing anniversary at CSA!
    1. Why we come back and back again
    2. Catamaran returns!
    3.Beautiful CSA sunset

    By starwars123 at 2011-02-26

    By starwars123 at 2011-02-26

    By starwars123 at 2011-02-26
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    Default Photo Contest

    February 2011
    1.) Lamb Dish at Eight Rivers Restaurant
    2.) The photographer catching a tender moment of my husband and I
    3.) A Toast to Couples
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