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    My husband and I do not drink alcohol but love virgin versions of the fruity drinks. Will be able to get them at the resort?


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    Yes, the bartenders will fix anything anyway you want it with or without

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    You can any drink with out alcohol.
    One Love,

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    We aren't drinkers either and CSA had a great menu of non-alcoholic frozen drinks at the beach bars...lots of choices! And, as others have said the bartenders will make you things if you ask. One day we were visiting with Mae and she asked what I wanted next and when I told her I couldn't decide she said "I'll make you my specialty"...I can't remember the name but something like crazy monkey and it was awesome! You'll have plenty of options.

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    My wife does not drink either and she loves the virgin pina colada's but only the hand made ones. She also has learned to ask for a fruit smoothie that they will make using whatever fruit they have at the area, and I must say, it is good.

    Just tell them virgin and you are good to go. Enjoy and no problem mon.

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