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    Default beach front suite witch building is best

    1st timer going to cn in 26 days,,, have a beach front suite and would like to know witch building and floor has the best view, and is closest to beach,

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    There are no witches at any of the Couples resorts!
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    Default Beachfront Suite

    We love building 1. The third floor has the best view.. and it's close to everything!! You will have a great time which ever building you end up!

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    "Best" is a matter of preference. We really enjoy building 6 and first floor rooms, so we can so easily come and go and get our toes in the sand super quick. Others prefer second and third floor rooms because they like the view better. Some say building 6 is too close to Casava Terrace and is noisy, so they like the buildings on the other side of the property. Many LOVE building 9 because it's closest to the au naturale beach.

    Whichever building you are in you'll be as close to the beach as possible. Beachfront suites are lovely!!!

    So just go with an open attitude and trust that you'll get the perfect room.

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    None have a true view of the ocean...the buildings are off set. We've stayed in block nine 3rd floor the first time we went to CN, and in block three/1st floor.

    The view was best in block 9 with a very close walk to AN beach (it sits west of block 9 almost at the end of the stair well) and block three was steps away from all the action.

    Hubby liked block 9 was quieter. I liked being in close walking distances to everything.

    You can look under FAQ's (I think that's where I found it) and find the bldg. layouts to get a better idea.

    Your gonna love it...once you KNOW!


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    The BFS are on the end of buildings 1, 5, 6, and 9. There are three floors to each building. Of course the higher you go the more panoramic your view. All are the same distance to the beach.
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    They are all close to the beach. The question is how much privacy do you want? First floor has NO privacy. 2nd and 3rd floors are great in my opinion.

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    Good one Wally!!!

    In response to the question...and not that it matters...since you can not request a room...building 6, room 201 is absolutely fabulous! Hope you enjoyed your stay since I am posting afterwards.

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