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    OK, last time we were there, we found this awesome drink at the patio bar and I need to know what it was. It was a frozen/blended thing lime flavored. Almost like a lime slushee that I think had vodka in it. No other fruit. Anyone know waht this was or how to make them?


    We are booked for 11 days in Jan 2010 - yippee

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    Lime Slushee is the only one that comes to mind.

    You need to put your taste buds on overtime to give us more info.

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    frozen lime daiquiri ?

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    I know!! It's a VODKA SLUSHY!!! My favorite drink!

    We now make them at home all the time in the summer. It's simple: Vodka, lime juice, simple syrup (which is sugar water) and ice. Blend until smooth. The measurements are up to you - some people like it sweeter, others like myself like more lime.

    You can make your own simple syrup at home if you don't want to buy it. It's a 1:1 ratio, so one cup sugar to one cup water. Heat on the stove until the sugar dissolves, it doesn't have to boil, then cool.
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    Thanks all. All I could remember was the lime slushy part but thought it had a fancier name. I guess simple works. Vodka slushies are my favorite.

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