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    Help! We booked a GHVS as that was the only available room when we booked our trip. I am very nervous that this room won't be good. I know many people say they are very hotel like and we are ok with that. We do like spending time in the evening and mornings on the verandah. I guess I am looking for anyone who stayed in a GHVS and liked it. We will have a great time regardless.Just looking to put my mind at ease.Thanks

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    The GHVS will be fine! I have stayed in one, and it was a nice room. It's just different than the others because it is more "hotel" like, but I would much rather stay in a GHVS at CSA in Jamaica than not be there at all. So, if it was all that was available for my dates, I would not hesitate to take it! Like I said, not a bad room. No, it wouldn't be my first pick, but it wouldn't make me upset if that was the only option. You'll still have a wonderful time! :O)

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    It's the only room we book when we go. We love the close location to Patios,swim-up bar, cabana grill, internet lounge, casino, night club, and more.
    Also, we love the smell of the hallways in the morning (night is a little different). I think it's the scent of lemongrass that they must clean with. The first day we arrive we take an enjoyable deep breath in through the nose and say...ahhhh we are here.


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    I'm sure if you don't mind a bit of a hotel like approach to your room, you will be fine. Make sure to ask for a room that has a resort view. You want to make sure you aren't on the end of the building that looks out to the adjoining property. You will really enjoy your verandah for morning coffee and afternoon naps. I haven't stayed in a GHVS, but all the verandah suites have the same type of balcony and they are awesome! You'll be right there by all the action on that side of the resort too. Enjoy!

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    I have heard that some of the verandahs face the businesses next door or can be very noisy but some are good. If you are disappointed with your specific room they will allow you to move to a different one if there is one available. If there is not you can ask if anything is going to open up in the next day or so that you could switch to.

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    The first time we went to CSA we had a GHVS it was great because if you go to see Ultimate Chocolate at the piano bar and stay for the activities after it is great to not have to remember which path to take to get back to your room. The room is wonderful not too hotel feeling to me I like sitting on the verandah in the morning and watching the resort come to life. On our second trip we had booked a GHVS and got an upgrade to Ocean Verandah Suite. While that OVS was amazing I kinda missed the GHVS.

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    okay so i'm not going to help you with your question at all... we have the GHVS booked for our trip in april b/c that was also the only thing left. i am also nervous that we won't love it. i know we will have a great trip regardless of the room, i just hope the room isn't that bad. i haven't heard anything good about GHVS on here!

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    Yes! Please trust me, this room is great. Its a little bit of a walk to the beach but we look at it like a chance to burn off a few calories from all the stuff we eat. lol Really, its going to be great!! you're going to love your vacation! You'll be so sad when its over and you'll dream about it every night until you go back.

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    The room is fine. The walk to and from is hotelish. I do think the room have better views than most from the balcony.
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