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    Default Guys dinner attire @ CSS

    My husband I will be making our first trip ever to Couples in March. We are going to CSS and I was just curious what the guys typically wear to dinner in the evenings? I know it says no jeans or tennis shoes so what do most guys usually wear? Thanks for your help. We are sooooo excited and counting down the days. We arrive exactly one month from today! Woohoo!!!


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    We just returned from our first trip to CSS we hope you'll have a great time and love it as much as we did

    The husband brought one pair of lightweight dress pants, loafers/topsiders (socks not required) and short sleeve collard shirt for Casanova and the Friday night Starlight Gala. Bella Vista and Palazzini you'd be fine with dress shorts and short sleeve shirt (not tshirt). Henley or golf/polo shirt. He did wear sneakers a few times to Bella Vista due to back issues and pain at the time but not at Palazzini.

    To be honest, we didn't see or hear about any one getting grief if they did not follow the recommended dress attire. Didn't agree with guys wearing tshirts to dinner but it seemed to be tolerated.

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    For Casanova & Palazzine I usually just wear nice Dockers and a casual shirt w/collar, sometimes a golf shirt with a sport coat. You will need closed shoes. At Bella Vista you can wear shorts and sandals. Make sure to get reservations for Cassanova & Palazzine as the food is great!

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    Only at Casanova are men required to wear long pants and closed toed shoes plus a shirt with a collar (not long sleeve but like polo style).

    At Pallazina and Bella Vista nice shorts, nice leather type sandals, and a nice hawaiian flowered shirt is appropriate and acceptable.

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