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    I rank CN first,closely followed by CSS and then CTI.

    We have really enjoyed all three of these resorts and can not wait to return to either of them.
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    Everyone has given excellent information here, but it still comes back to which resort is calling you........

    "we are leaning heavily toward CSS". I think you have your answer..... always go with your gut!

    The first one that called to us was CN, that was before Couples aquired Sans Souci... two trips to CN and a trip to CSS and we are heading back to CSS in April, after that possible a split trip to CSA/CN. There is no bad decsion.

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    Warmweatherfriend - choose CSA. Pick an atrium room. All the rooms are NEAR the beach at ALL the resorts. I suggest CSA as the rooms mentions have a tropical, non-hotel feel.

    Yes. One beach IS better than the other. The LARGEST beach is at CN plus it is a secluded cove of the 7 mile beach (it is about 2.3 miles) and the rest of the beach (about 3.7 - I KNOW it doesn't add up to 7 but 7 mile beach isn't REALLY 7 miles...just a great name) is more open to lots of folks. This section (on which CSA sits is more "public" so you will meet lots of people, including lots of dealers, some of whom are quite colorful or interesting).

    Tough choice. Which one CALLS to you???

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffandamandaB View Post
    My future husband and I are trying to decide which resort to choose for our April honeymoon. We are drawn to CSA and CN, but still open to any of them. Your post about the public beaches at CSA and CN made me want more information: Are these public beaches at CSA and CN covered with people that aren't just the people staying at the respective resorts? If that's the case, how do you ensure that the resort's beach chairs aren't taken by non-resort people? Also, aren't there bars at/near the beaches at CN and CSA? I hope there are, and if so, how do they keep non-resort people out of the bars and the resort itself?

    They are only public to the high tide line. Non guests at couples just keep walking past. There is less foot traffic at CN, because there are only a few resorts in the bay. CN and CSA have beach bars, CSA just has closer ones to the water.

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    Wow, I can understand your dilemma. It took me a month of searching and reading to finally settle on CSS. I guess what did it for us was we wanted something relaxing, quiet and romantic and CSS fit the bill. Don't get me wrong they are all that and more but the 24 hour room service, Sunset Beach (a complete AN experience with pool, swim up bar, beach, grill, etc.) and the fact that the resort is completely private. We aren't big beach people so we didn't need a big long beach. Also, every room has a minifridge, is a suite, and the food was fabulous! We loved every minute of our stay there and in fact are heading back less than two years later....our friends think we are crazy to go back to a place we have been before, but it is so magical! Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Backtomyself12 View Post
    We'll be on our way to Couples in the Spring of 2010, and we're leaning heavily on choosing CSS
    I stopped right there, why read any further? Obviously CSS called out to you. I suggest you answer it.

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    It seems to me that CSA garners more negative comments from fans of the other resorts here than any of the other Couples properties. We've only visited three of the four, and so far our favorite is still CSA by a long shot. Each resort offers something unique. Each one is great. CSA fits us best.

    We like CN, but our only knock on the Bloody Bay location is that because it's in more of a natural cove, the parasailing boats tend to point straight ahead when accelerating, thus directing all their engine noise directly back at the CN beach. At CSA the boats stay out much farther from shore because of the shallow water, and when they accelerate they're generally aligned parallel with the shore line, so the engine noise is directed away from you and is not nearly as distracting. I realize that this is not a situation that Couples can control, so I don't blame the resort. But the noise of those loud motor boat engines revving up all day in Bloody Bay gets old pretty fast.
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    As far as selecting a resort, do they vary by age?

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    No they don't really vary by age, but I will say because of CN's layout, in my opinion it tends to exude more of a party vibe than the others. The pool is the epicenter of the resort.

    You will see all age groups at all of the resorts. Everything from honeymoon couples to couples celebrating major anniversaries and birthday's.

    In selecting a resort the best advice any of us can give a newbie, is to look carefully at all resorts, one of them will keep pulling you back for another look, THAT is the resort that is calling to you, that is the one you need to choose.

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    The answer is ALWAYS : CN :-)

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    I kept deliberating & deliberating and CN kept a'calling to me soooooo CN it is in Feb. 2010! I have had to put my patience hat on as it's still 4 months and 7 days away...

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    For a first timer it seems that this is a common dilemma. I ended up choosing CTI, will be there in April 2010. The message board help me sort out the most important features for us. I think it will give us an opportunity to experience the "couples" experience and I look forward to trying CN and CSA in the future, so I stopped stressing and just picked one. The view at CTI is amazing from the pictures so I can only imagine how nice it will be in person. CSS although it seems beautiful, it also seems really quiet. We were looking for a younger in spirit more social crowd( Age not really the factor, personalities are). I simply just had to except that there was no wrong choice. I my future will be travelling to couples yearly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cravinsun View Post
    For a first timer it seems that this is a common dilemma. I ended up choosing CTI, will be there in April 2010.
    Depending on when in April you're there Cravinsun, maybe we'll run into you and your SO. We'll be at CTI from 4/10 thru 4/16.

    BTW, this is a question I've been pondering for some time (you'll just have to picture me in ponder mode). Based on the descriptions & pictures of the 4 resorts provided by Couples and of course reading the hundreds of posts on each, I've come to believe - and correct me if I'm wrong here - that CSA may be the most "organic" resort, altho I'm sure a nice counterargument could be made on behalf of CSS as well. But just reading what draws who to which resort, I get the impression that for instance CSA would be the resort most likely to attract the environment-oriented and health-oriented crowd.

    Again, I may be off base with that assumption, but if not, it stands to reason that an AN beach would be a great fit for this place. So my question (finally) is why do you think CSA is the only resort without such? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron & Rosa 25 View Post
    . . . [W]hy do you think CSA is the only resort without [an a/n beach]? Inquiring minds want to know.
    When CN opened, its a/n beach was on the opposite side of the resort, close to Building 5 and the water sports area. Guests complained that they felt that they were "on display" due to the high traffic in the water sports area, even though, at that time, neither Riu resort yet existed. To give guests greater privacy, the a/n beach was relocated to the other side of the resort, near Building 9 and Grand Lido. Since the two Riu resorts opened, there is more foot traffic along the shoreline, but the beach is deep enough that guests can be further away from the shoreline and thus still have some privacy.

    That's not possible at CSA. The beach is not as deep, and there is a lot more foot traffic on Long Bay than on Bloody Bay. Any section of beach at CSA set aside for a/n sunbathing would not afford any privacy, unless a large fence or hedge was constructed/planted around the entire thing, which would then obstruct the views for others. If guests at CN felt that they were "on display" when the a/n beach was located near the water sports area, I imagine that CSA guests would feel similarly no matter where on CSA's property the a/n beach was located.
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    Ahhh, so it's really a matter of physicality. CSA just doesn't have the set up for it. Ok, that makes a ton of sense. I figured there had to be a reason, now I know. Thanks Pam.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    We have been to CSS and CN. CSS is a beautiful resort and is probably the largest, area-wise. However, it is built partially into the side of a bluff and so there are a LOT of stairs. Also, the beach is a little bit of a walk from the rooms. This would not be a problem for most, but my husband was facing knee replacement surgery and so all the steps and steeply inclined roads were difficult for him. However, the staff was wonderful about sending a van to carry us from one place to another. For the last two years, we have gone to CN and LOVE the compactness of the resort. Nothing is more than a few steps away! CN is the first resort we have EVER returned to -- just feels like home! I don't think you can make a bad choice, however. Any COUPLES resort is wonderful!

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    My 2 Cents here!!!!
    The beach at CN(BloodyBay) is great and going to be more serene!!!
    The beach at CSA has access to the public strip with lots to offer and you get the musicians,singers,fishermen walking down the beach and if they ask for service you say no and thats it!!! Security is right there!
    Then you can walk down the beach and shop at the stores and get a drink!!!! The Health Club at the hotel is like a seperate hotel in itself,quiet, if you want to change environments and relax or work out hard at the GREAT gym!!!!!

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    We had probably one of our best vacations ever at CSA in March of this year. Watching the sunsets from the beach were amazing.The staff wants nothing more than to be sure you are well taken care of and happy.A week at CSA can easily be one of the most relaxing weeks of your life. Do not worry about beach traffic,you will not be harrassed, CSA security is right there to protect you.Because of our positive experience and determination to return sooner rather than later, we convinced our dear friends to get married at a Couples Resort. The only mistake we made was to go to CN instead of CSA. Who knew two resorts owned by the same company could be as different as night and day. CN was a nightmare!!!! If you are trying to decide between CSA and CN, there is only one correct decision and that would be CSA hands down. You will not be disappointed and you will have hot water with every shower.

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