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    Default Airline costs question

    We are planning our first trip to CN soon (May) and I have never flown before, ever, my husband has once or twice. This may be a silly question,But we were wondering if we pay off our trip and then fuel costs or something else goes up, will we be asked to pay more or will the original amount that we paid stay the same? And are there any hidden fees once you get to the airport besides maybe baggage fees?

    And also, we were wondering what is the best way to book a trip to Dunn's River, at the resort or online before we go?


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    No such thing as a silly question.

    Once you buy your tickets you are set. No increase in price will be added on. Likewise, if the prices happened to go down you would not receive any compensation for the reduced price. Baggage fees will be payed either at the airport when you check in or, if available, can be paid ahead for a usually reduced fee. Not a huge savings, but certainly worth while to do ahead. Watch the airlines or travel sites for your particular schedule needs and make the purchase when you feel comfortable with the price. It is always a crap shoot on pricing for airfare. My only advice is don't wait too long.

    Have you got your passports? You will need them.

    Can't help much with the trip to Dunn's river. But I know you can make arrangements once you arrive.

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    Once you pay for your ticket there is no additional cost regardless of whether the price of a ticket goes up or down between the time of purchase and the time of the flight. No additional fees, except maybe baggage (depending on airline), unless you upgrade.

    Going to Dunn's River from CN is a long trip! It'll take about 3 hours each way. You can book either before you get there or after you arrive. IMHO it would be best to go to CSS or CTI if you want to go to Dunn's River Falls. There are falls on the Negril side also (YS Falls) that would be closer to CN.

    Hope this helps!

    Bart & Bug

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    Had to follow up "Bart and Bug". I've never been to Couples but have been to YS Falls. If you end up in Negril and you have the option of going to it. Absolutely amazing. In addition, there are some people there (I'm assuming locals) who will take your camera and go out into the water with you and take some pretty amazing pictures of your and your partner. I have one jumping off one ledge of the falls into another with my wife. Amazing. We tipped the guy $10. Best $10 tip I have ever given.

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    If you book your airline tickets through an online company, they have a price assurance. That means if someone else books the exact same flight at a lower price than you, they will credit you back the difference.

    Check baggage fees CLOSELY for international flights. Some airlines do not charge a baggage fee for international and some do. This could mean a huge additional cost if you are taking 2 - 4 bags and have to pay at least $20 per bag EACH way.

    Have fun!

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    Maybe if this is your first trip out of the US you could find a local travel agent through this board and they would be able to help you. If you look at the menu on the left there is a place to find a Travel Agent. Good Luck and you will have an amazing time!

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    Default Don't do it!

    Just my opinion. Knowing the distance between Negril and Ocho Rios, I would NOT recommend going to Dunn's River Falls. Here's the equation: Six hours on the road at best, round trip, for about one hour on the Falls....which could be very crowded if there is a cruise ship or two in town.

    I'd only do the Dunns River from Tower Isle or Sans Souci. Unless you can afford to fly both ways.

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    Just a thought, but you have your passports already?

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    Yes, I agree. If you are in Negril, Dunn's River is too far. If you like a lot of excursions then you should think about booking CSS or CTI. Whatever you choose, it is all good!!

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    Its still a roll of the dice... prices COULD come down, but then you'd be stuck with the higher priced booking, unless it comes down SO much that you'd be further ahead re-booking the airfare...

    But then, that's just crazy talk....

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Charter airlines can and do add "fuel surcharges" even after you have bought and paid for your ticket. A few years ago we flew to Aruba on a charter. At the ticket counter they informed us that we had to pony up an additional $50 pp because the fuel prices had gone up since we paid for our ticket. We had no recourse but to pay the price. I have avoided charters ever since then.

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    Thanks for all the info about flights and Dunn's does sound like its too far away, maybe we'll try YS falls. And yes, we do have our passports, we went to Mexico a couple of yrs ago, so we're all set there!
    Thanks again!

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