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    Default Which resort is the best for what we want to do?

    I want to make sure that I pick the best resort for what I am wanting to do. We want a resort that is going to have the best nightlife while we would like to do the AN thing for the first time. I think the AN experience will be a fun thing in itself. Thank you for your thoughts in advance.

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    We have been to Jamaica about 15 times, mostly to Negril but several trips to resorts in Ocho and Mobay

    Nightlife is hit or miss. You lay in the sun all day and drink and by 11:00 you are tired. We are usually night owls and some trips we stay up until at least 3:00 and sometimes all night. Sometimes the resorts are dead at midnight. Just depends upon the crowd that week. We usually go in the winter (mid nov-feb) and the few times that we go in the summer where there are more wedding guests it seems that nightlife is better.

    We have been to CN and CSS and are heading to CSA in mid November but CSS has the best a/n area because it is private. At CN the a/n area is just at one end of the resort w/ hedges blocking views from the rest of the resort and they only have an a/n hot tub. At CSS you have a pool, grill, and beach.

    We have not been to CTI but we did stay at an 'S' property w/ private a/n island and that is ok but if the weather was windy then you had no transportation and you had to take the boat back for lunch.

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    Well CSA has the best nightlife, (they have a nightclub), but they don't have AN. CSS has a seperate AN beach and CTI has the island. CN has the worst AN spot its like a spot on the beach seperated by hedges and people can see down there from their rooms. You could go on the Margaritaville trip from any of the resorts,if you need the nightlife, but their is generally something going on until midnight at all of the resort. The nightclub at CSA is ok, we went their a couple of times the staff is entertaining, there wasn't all that many people in there.

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    The night life is really what you make of it. The nightly entertainment usually ends at 10 or earlier, but there's always something going on at night at the piano bar. At CSS and CTI, there's a shuttle (included) that takes you to the Margaritaville nightclub. Last year, CSS had a "disco" dance party at the sunset beach pool that was so much fun.

    As for AN, I would choose CTI or CSS for first-timers. CN's AN area is on the beach, so passers-by will see you.

    I would recommend CSS.

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    No doubt about it....CN!
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    We've been to all four resorts. We did our first AN at CN and loved it. We next ventured to CTI and CSS for AN. Of the two CSS was our favorite because of the wonderful amenities, but our favorite is the awesome beach at CN and being able to float AN in the warm waters without a strong current like at CSS.

    As far as nightlife we felt of the three with AN options that CTI was the most lively. There were several nights where the music went on past midnight in the main area and then the party moved to the piano bar. CN has a pretty good nightlife and you can always go off site to the Jungle. CSS seemed to be the most laid back.
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    We LOVE CTI and just booked our fourth trip but I would not recommend it on the basis of nightlife.

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