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    Default CN - Internet Cafe/Computer Printer ??

    My wife and I very often travel to Jamiaca with just carry-on luggage. When we do we can save time and go straight through security and on to our gate at the airport IF... If we can print our boarding passes before we get to Sangster. Does the "Internet Cafe" at Couples Negril include any way to print a couple of pages? If not, is there any other option to print for a guest at CN?


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    Yes, you can print your boarding passes in the internet cafe at CN.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pamela View Post
    Yes, you can print your boarding passes in the internet cafe at CN.

    IF there is paper.

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    Thanks much! It always surprises me how few of the resorts we have visited include the option to print. I know paper and ink is not free, but a page or two for boarding passes is something I would gladly pay for by the page if needed. Glad to hear that CN understands what a small, but important addition this can be to the guests. Kudos to CN!

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    I always bring a few sheets of paper with me. There is usually paper in the printer but you'll have just in case there isn't.

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