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    Default bathrooms at CSA

    Are the bathrooms nice at CSA? Are they small or adequate? Do all rooms have a tub, because I read somewhere that the atrium suites don't have tubs. Pictures anyone?

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    The Bathrooms in the atrium are adequate. There is a blow dryer, a make up mirror and enough counter top. A clothes line in the shower to hang wet suits. No tub just a walk in shower, that is big enough for two. Why soak in your room when you can go soak in the Jacuzzi.

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    Here are some pics of an Atrium Suite. The room does not have a tub, and unfortunately, none of my pics are of the bathroom! :O( The bathrooms are not large, but they are not tiny either. I LOVE the Atrium Suites!!! :O)
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    I think the bathrooms were just the right size. Plenty of counter space to set up all my make up/hair products before getting ready for dinner. It is true, the atriums only have a shower, but it didn't bother us. If we wanted to relax, we could always find an empty hot tub to settle into. Check out this site. On the right hand side, there are candid photos other guests have taken. Enjoy :-)

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    We just stayed in an Atrium Suite - bathrooms are adequate with sink, toilet and large walk-in shower...nothing fancy, but fine.

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    In the new section (south) all of the rooms are the same. Just in different proximity to the beach. The bathrooms are very large, with a shower/tub combo that is plenty big enough for anyone. I'm 6'4 and had no problems.

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    What about the BFVS? How are those bathrooms?

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