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    Default Lunch Options at CN

    We're heading to CN April 17-24 for our first time. I was just wondering what the lunch options are. I know there is a beach grill (which is part of the Cassava Terrace??) Are there also other restaurants open where you order off the menu? Is the Lychee open at lunch or just for dinner? Thanks!

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    The buffet and the bar/restaurant(it's Heliconia at night) at the beach are open for lunch. There is a menu at the beach restaurant but you go to the counter to order your food and I believe the menu is pretty much the same every day. Lychee and Otaheite are not open for lunch.

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    Cassava is an open air restaurant that is mostly buffet at lunch. They usually also have someone making fresh sandwiches and there's usually someone there cutting roast beef. Lately, Cassava has a "theme" for each day. One day, it might be Chinese, another Italian, another Mexican. The beach grill is a totally different restaurant during the day that serves us jerk chicken, hamburgers, french fries, onion rings, etc. Lychee is not open for lunch.

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    Your lunch options are the beach grill (which is actually what becomes Heliconia in the evening) or Casava Terrace which has a buffet. I have heard wonderful things about Casava lunch buffet, but the beach grill is great and can't seem to stay away from it. There are also nachos over there and beef/chicken/vegetable patties. PLENTY of choices for lunch.

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    The beach grill is not part of the Cassava Terrace. It is on its own and serves great jerk chicken, jerk burgers, nachos, patties, etc. They also have the best hummus....yum. The Cassava is usually set up as buffet at lunch and Lychee is only open for dinner.

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    Lunch you can have at the beachfront grill, which is not the Cassava Terrace. The grill you can order burger, chicken, salad etc and they give you a buzzer they buzz when it is ready. They also have nacho's, soup, beef and chicken patties and various other things out to just grab when and what you want. Then the Cassava Terrace has a buffet for lunch. We never did eat there though after a big breakfast buffet we always grababed something at the grill later like 2:00. It was all yummy!

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    The Beach Grill and the Cassava Terrace (buffet) are open for lunch. :O)

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    The beach grill has burgers, hot dogs, beef patties, jerk chicken, etc. There is also the option of Cassava Terrace where they have a huge spread of different hot foods each day and a salad bar. This is a buffet. Lychee is only open for dinner.

    FYI, the beach grill is a separate building from Cassava Terrace.
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    No Lychee is only open for dinner. However there is a great buffet in at Cassava as well.

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    The Heliconia Grill/Beach Bar is open during lunch and has a small list of items you can order from. You walk up to the counter an order like in a fast food restaurant. I think they now give you beepers to notify you when your food is ready.

    The Cassava Terrace is lunch buffet that changes. The food is good no matter where you go for lunch. Lychee is dinner only.

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    For lunch there is only the Beach Grill and Cassava Terrace (separate) which is a buffet. They also sometimes have special grills set up to cook extra lunch items. It really is plenty. We would eat a nice breakfast and grab a burger, jerk chicken or pizza for lunch and eat a big dinner. Spmetimes I wanted a big salad at lunch and I could always get it at Cassava. Food is great!

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    We really enjoyed the food at Cassava Restaurant at the buffet area and we really enjoyed the fresh fish, usually the grilled snapper at lunch. It was fresh caught from the day before and it was delicous. They have lots of fresh salads and vegetables, other dishes with other meats and great desserts as well. There is so much to choose from. I liked the selection best from the Cassava Restaurant. There is something for everyone.

    We ate at Helicona Grill one day and they had shrimp skewers for lunch. They were very good. They have jerk chicken, jerk burgers, mahi mahi and jerk pork at the grill as well.
    It all depends on what you want to eat. The view is great on the Helicona Grill deck though.
    You can't go wrong with any of the food at any of the restaurants at the resort. The food and the service is amazing everywhere.

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