After months of considering a few of the Couples locations we decided to go to Tower Isle. We had a most fabulous week there and look forward to returning as soon as possible!

We flew Thomas Cook:
Staff were lovely but the plane was cramped and crowded compared to Air Canada and WestJet. No t.v.'s which was a bit of a disappointment with a 4 hour flight. Unlike Air Canada and WestJet they gave us complimentary drinks and a nice warm meal.

Airport Arrival:
Couples lounge easy to find as the MB indicated and the staff were really warm and welcoming with the Red Stripe flowing until our bus departed.

Trip to CTI:
After 12 hours on the road the almost 2 hr drive was a bit much however the driver was very nice and now that we have experienced CTI we will still endure the drive. Maybe next time plan our flight timing etc a bit better so we aren't arriving at 2 in the morning.

The room:
We had an ocean view room at a far end of the complex - the room was beautiful and super clean, the bathroom was a little outdated but again verrry clean - it was sooo quiet in our end of the hotel. We slept with the balcony doors closed and the AC on but it was so peaceful (even during afternoon naptime!) that we could hear the waves crashing against the shore. Awesome!!

The tour:
We took the tour at 10am the first morning. SO glad we did as we settled right in after that. DF hit the gym and I hit the main pool. We were right at home the first day!

The staff:
Fabulous!!! They are so friendly and warm - just an absolute pleasure!!!

The food:
Verrrry good!! The Patio serves excellent breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Grill was yummy and very handy when the relaxed holiday gal sunbathed or napped thru a proper mealtime. DF loved the Jerk Chicken. Burgers were delicious. We both gave up our diets for the week and indulged in realllly yummy fries at the Grill...far too often ;-) We never made it to The Bayside or the Veggie Bar. 8 Rivers was outstanding!!! Dinner twice there and it was fantastic! The Verandah was also very good and a nice break from the heat of the Patio on warm nights - the Verandah has AC as does 8 Rivers. Great for the men when they are sporting long pants and a dress shirt! :O)

The drinks:
All the cocktails were fabulous. We tried many different ones but kept going back to the classic Pina Coladas YUM!!!
The wine was our only disappointment of the trip (and not a deal breaker for sure!). The red had only 2 options and one wasn't great, the other was certainly 'drinkable' but DF is a fairly well versed/experienced vino-phile (just made that up). Unfortunately there is only one white wine and it is a Chardonnay. Not a huge fan of the Chard and sadly when I am in hot climates I love a crisp glass of yummy white wine. I would have killed for a Sauv Blanc or Pino Grigio on the hot evenings over a lovely meal... but alas, not a big deal. On the upside the Champagne was very enjoyable and I substituded that when I needed a crisp white taste )

The pools:
Perfect! Super clean and beautiful. The big main pool is a much quieter vibe and there is lots of sun and shade to be found. The swim-up pool bar has a great view and is the more 'party pool' in the afternoons.

The beach:
Beautiful, altho' we are pool people so we never hung out there.

The entertainment:
We enjoyed three evenings of entertainment and we were really pleased we made the effort to see what was on. The staff and the hired entertainers were excellent!!

The people, The clothes, The vibe:
There was a fairly broad range of ages. Some young couples, a lot of couples in their 40's and many 50's and 60's.
Thanks to the MB we didn't overpack too badly. We did live in our swimsuits during the day and got dressed up at night. Some nights I could see we didn't need to be as dressed up as we were but I'd rather err on the side of caution. No super racy swimsuits or over-the-top sexy dresses however most women are looking for a great tan and regardless of their weight they are in their bikinis. That was very liberating for me - 40 years old, 15 lbs over ideal weight and still thinks she SHOULD have the bod of a 20 year old LOL - and I donned my bikini quite happily.
The vibe there was just perfect. Sooooo chill. I suppose going to a Couples only Resort provides that. It was also very heartwarming to see the couples of all ages. Both DF and I commented on this many many times. Just an overall happy place to be!!

Bottom line of my very long review...

LOVE LOVE LOVE CTI and we cannot wait until our next visit!!!