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    Default Random Acts of Romance - get inspired!

    Hi there - This morning I caught our beloved Randymon in a very serene and glazy mood, thinking about his certain special someone. On an urge to act upon that feeling, he recorded a little video and sent it to his sweetie. Be inspired and tell us about your most recent random act of romance.

    Andi Conway, Director of Sales and Marketing, Couples Resorts.

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    Why do I just get a square box????

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    A sweet romantic message and you're going to cook dinner to! How nice. OK I'm sending James down there for training.
    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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    I think Randy should start a hubby boot camp!

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    Default Amen

    that is a great ideal.. Where can I sign my hubby up @? lol

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    Randy - Thanks for leaving the letter for the Grooviest Chick in the World for our 5th visit home to CN on July 18th - your acts of romance are inspiring to us all and I thank you for once again for helping with our romance plans.
    Ya Mon

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