Hi there! I'm new to the message board and we just booked our first visit, to CTI, February 12-19. We also JUST booked our wedding there for February 14. I have a million questions and only two weeks to get organized! Hoping someone can help: (1) The wedding will just be the two of us, but photos are really important to me. Has anyone used the resort photographer(s)? what was your experience? I have contacted Marina Roberts and Stacey Clarke as well but it looks like the cost will be over $1000, which is a little more than I wanted to spend. Is the quality difference worth it? (2) what have people's experiences been with the salon? I want to get my hair and make-up done that morning but I'm a little picky and also dark-skinned, so make-up can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks!