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    Default welcome Package From Couples

    Hi do you get any kind of welcome package from couples with airport transfer vouchers, hotel vouchers etc. Other resorts that we stayed at in Jamaica have sent these. Scheduled to be there in 10 days and have not received anything.

    Is confirmation email only thing needed?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Couples went "green" years ago and ceased sending out paper confirmation. Ensure that you've provided Couples with info regarding your arriving flight. After you land and go through immigration and then customs, you'll proceed to the Couples Lounge (you can't miss it). You'll check in with an agent at the desk, who will check your name off of the list of guests scheduled to arrive that day, and then you'll be invited to enjoy a cold Red Stripe until a car is available to take you to the resort. The agent at the desk will notify the resort that you have arrived. You shouldn't require any paperwork, but I always print off the email confirmation just in case. Every once in awhile we get someone at check-in who demands documentation that Couples simply doesn't provide, and I at least have the email to give him or her.
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    Confirmation email is all that is needed they don't send anything else. When you arrive at the Lounge they will ask for your name and check you off of their list. The only reason you would need the confirmation email is if there was something screwy that happened with your reservation which is very unlikely, but I always bring mine along 'just in case'.

    The shuttles are only Couples guest so there is no need for a shuttle 'coupon'.
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    You do not receive anything from Couples, and indeed you do not need anything but maybe a copy of your receipt, which I have never been asked for.

    As long as they know the day and time of arrival, just go to their lounge at the airport, and prepare to be taken care of. They will ask your name and handle everything from there.

    One of the easiest, if not the easiest, I have ever experienced and why I will be back in 17 days.

    Enjoy, hope this helped some.

    Oh - if you sign up for their romance rewards, you can actually do a pre check in, but I think you have to be an existing customer, don't remember though, I have Red-Stripe Disease. Mon.

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    I'm wondering the same thing. First time I've booked directly through Couples, and the TA we used in the past sends us a little zippered pouch with all our booking info and various other goodies inside which I LOVE getting.

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    I have been to Jamaica the last 5 years, and EVERY year going through immigration we are asked to provide resort information and airline departure information. I would suggest bringing that.

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