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    Default Problem booking through Couples using Bank of America

    We have traveled to Couples once or twice a year for the past four or five years. Sometimes through a TA lately through the Couples website. (I have found the price to be nearly the same) We booked for our March trip through the Couples website. My problem is not with Couples but the credit card company. Bank of America has decided to add a 3% fee for foreign transactions. I guess we taxpayers didn't give them enough money the last time they screwed up they have to charge us $33/ 1000$ of vacation. So now I'm paying an extra 120$ for my vacation. I don't believe this would apply if you book through a TA.
    I offer this as food for thought when booking your trip.

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    If you use a Capital One card you can bypass these types of charges.

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    Thanks for sharing this is a definate need to know, for us Bank of America card holders.

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    This has become quite a problem as more and more banks are doing this although Capitol One still does not charge a fee. I do wish Couples would switch to a US bank as until that happens I will be using a travel agent.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    We always use a TA and no we don't get the extra fees. The fees originate with the bank Couples uses as it's a "foreign" bank and thus you get the "foreign" bank transaction fee which your credit card company has elected to charge you.

    We like using a TA so we have a real human to contact who knows our faces in the event of a problem. And, as you said the prices are the same. I start watching prices on several sites on the internet months before we are ready to book and when I contact the TA to actually book the trip there have been many times when she has actually gotten me a cheaper price. It's never been higher through the TA than what I can find myself, she can always at least match it.

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    would online booking sites (no names) be considered US T/A's and not be subject to the fee?

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    Always check with your bank/credit card for international fees. And if you use your cc, you may have to authorize each international transaction (or call them beforehand to let them know).

    Maybe it's worth a call to BOA to ask them to waive the fee this time. What the heck, it's worth a shot!

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    I have read this several times on the MB. We booked our trip through Couples. Our monthly payments r coming off our Chase debit card and we have not paid one extra fee for processing.
    Terry & Tonia Collins

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    Zambam, that's an excellent to which I would like to know the answer! Does anyone know?


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    My monthly love away payments are billed to my Chase card and there are no fees.

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    zambam, I would think so but best to ask to be sure. You could just call to verify even before booking a trip.

    I use these sites as part of my price shopping for months prior to our trip and when it's time to book I contact our TA. In 15 trips she has always found the same price or often better so a real, live, in town, face-to-face TA isn't more expensive. The advantage is that you have a person who knows your face and your name should you have any problems, more likely they are going to go the extra mile to help you out.

    A few weeks after we had booked our last trip I got an email while at work that the airline had changed our flights and we had four minutes to make our connection in Atlanta. Included in the email were several options to fix the problem. All I had to do was call my TA, tell her what our preference was and go back to work. She cancelled to original flight, booked a new one, make some changes to the trip insurance and since we also changed airports cancelled the hotel for the night before and booked a new one. A few days later I had paperwork in the mail showing the changes and none of this cost me a dime and it took about 5 minutes of my time. A reliable, hometown TA can be worth their weight in gold if you need them, if you don't it didn't cost you any extra money anyway.

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    Online booking agents do not charge the fee. At least not the one we use.

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    Food for thought is take your business away from Bank of America!

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    I just recently booked with on-line TA using a Bank of America card. Definitely no fee doing this.

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    I must say....this is the ONLY plus to using our Capital One card...worth it to get one if you are a Couples regular
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    kiddo Solved the probem by paying the balance with a different card. I do like the rewards program. (I'm saving up for a pony)

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    Our preference is to book direct with Couples, but since they use an international bank for processing, our cc charges a 3% conversion fee. Wish Couples could/would also set up a US bank for processing which could be done since can be done virtual. So I have had to now start going through a Travel Agent to avoid the 3% fee. This sounds like a lose for Couples because they now have to pay the TA commission. Other resorts we have stayed at in Jamaica the processing is done via a US bank.

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    I booked through Couples and utilize the $100/month love away plan. Bank of America charges me $3 for each month's transaction. I would book through a travel agent but they don't offer the $100/month love away plan.

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