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    Default Second guessing my sr

    Yesterday I booked my sr... dont get me wrong i am very very excited. We are really hoping to be in negril, specifically CSA but i thought i would be happy anywhere. Well my reservation is only showing up under CSS. I thought i would be happy anywhere but the more i stress about it and the probability that i will be at CSS the more bummed I get about not spending the extra cash to just book the one i really wanted... Now i am stressing out about my decision. Anyone ever book an SR and then change their mind??? AGGGHHHHH!

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    We have stayed at CSA, CN and CSS. Stop stressing. Although the beaches in Negril are my favorite, you will absolutely love CSS. It's beauty, warmth, size and service will make for a vacation that you won't soon forget. Enjoy your stay in paradise.

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    I know I don't have to tell you this but you KNOW you shouldn't have booked the SR if you weren't truly open to staying anywhere, right?! BUT, I understand second-guessing your choice, and I would suggest that you just go wherever the SR takes you with an open mind, and try to get back to same adventurous spirit you were in when you booked the SR in the first place. Hopefully, you'll have the opportunity in the future to stay at the other Couples resorts. Many will say this, but you won't be disappointed wherever you go, and especially not if you go to CSS. My hubby and I are going back to CSS in April for the third time in a row, and we've also previously stayed at CTI and CN.

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    I think you just got extra LUCKY!!! We have stayed at all the Couples resorts and CSS is above and beyond our favorite.
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    courtromo - We have been to CSA twice, and CSS twice, and going back to CSS in April. Although we like CSA, CSS is the resort that tugs at our heartstrings every day of the year!! It is stunningly beautiful, and very romantic! If you do end up at CSS, you will definitely NOT be disappointed, but will get to spend your holiday in paradise! Send us an e-mail to, and we'll send you a comparison of CSA and CSS, and send you pictures of both, if you'd like!

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    Just wanted to add that even if your reservation/credit card charges show up under CSS, doesn't mean that's where you're headed. There've been plenty of people and stories on this board of people who thought they knew where they were going because the credit card charge showed up under a certain resort, and then were wrong... so you may still be going elsewhere.

    That being said, I've been to CSS and would return in a heartbeat- it is BEAUTIFUL. You feel like you're in your own private little jungle, with wonderful people and great food. Don't worry- no matter where you go you'll have a blast, but especially at CSS.

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    I would think you need to expect to be placed in the resort that has the least bookings for whatever reason. Certainly they will not try to squeeze you into the most popular esorts because they are already booked!

    That said, there aer so many people on here who swear CSS is amazing, and just the best of them all. The photos look amazing, and the rooms are very cool in the photo gallery!

    You will have a great time, and don't forget to drink up!

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    I hope to see you post after you get back from CSS. If you do, you will be raving about it I'm sure. We have stayed at CSA, CSS and CN. For us it's an absolute tie between CN & CSS. CN (and CSA for that matter) for the beach. CSS for the Starlight Gala on Fridays, the incredible grounds, the beach bar, hidden hot tub, spa, mineral pool, Crackers, the room service, the rooms, the intimate atmosphere of feeling you are the only ones at the resort, etc. etc.
    Most (if not all) people return to Couples once they've been to one. No doubt, you will be planning your return to Couples as soon as you get back from CSS. You can then book CSA for your next trip instead of doing the SR.
    Our first trip to Couples was CN in 2004 and we fell in love with it and never thought about trying one of the other resorts. we returned there over the next few years. In 2008, we went with 3 other Couples who voted for going to CSS. We wanted CN of course but remained open minded and knew, since it was still Couples, it would be all right. CSS blew us away! So much so that we went back the next year. Last year we went to CSA because we figured, why not? We were glad we "found" CSS, let's check out another Couples. Truth be told, we were a little disappointed. CSA was great but it just didn't have the same "feel" as CSS & CN. This April, it's back to CN!
    I hope this lengthy story helps you go with an open mind, you will love CSS.

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    Getting ready to book our fall trip to Jamaica. We thought about doing the SR. We have stayed at CN 3 times and CSS 1 time but we wanted to try CSA. I figured that SR would get me one of the Ocho Resorts anyway so we are paying the price to get CSA.

    If you got CSS in your SR then you will like it because it is very nice. Hopefully we will try CTI next and then would have sampled all (4) and maybe Couples will open #5 near Mobay

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    CSS is a beautiful resort and being close to Ochie it offers options for off-resort activities that are not as feasible from the Negril resorts.
    CSS was under another name when my wife and I were there (still SS but other initials infront) but we were assigned it as a 'surprise' under the other resort company's similar suprprise program. We found it beautiful and completely understand why it has such a loyal following. The atmosphere is very romantic and we loved the waterfalls and mineral pool. It is amazing and unique in many ways. We enjoyed it and you probably will too.
    I wonder if more folks end up at CSS than the other resorts when doing the SR option? The reason I wonder this is that I have known many who got that resort in this way under the old resort company as well as since it became a Couples resort in the SR program. I do know that the things we did not love about it were that it is a longer drive from Sangster and is a very 'verticle' resort with a lot of levels and stairs. It seemed like less of a 'tropical beach resort" than CN or CSA. I am not saying the stairs are a big problem, they are not, but I wonder if CSS is more of a niche favorite than the ones in Negril?
    Go and enjoy, we loved it and are glad we got it back when we did but we have chosen the more conventionally flat beach resorts in Negril when booking one by choice. I wish we were going to CSS right now to get out of this snow! Still a lot of days until we get to CN....

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    I LOVE CSS. You won't be disappointed!

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    We have stayed at both CSA and CSS. Both are unique and beautiful but, for us, we prefer the lush landscape, cliffs, sunset beach, and romance of CSS.

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    We love CSA and have only been there but booked a trip to CSS because it seems really nice too. I am sure you will love it.

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    Courtney....remember, you will not know where you are going until soon before you leave...ask around...because your res. "says" CSS...doesn't mean you are GOING....and I agree with the others...we have been to CN, CSA, AND CSS!!! they all rock!!
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    You know what they say...the best things in life aren't planned! Go, check out CSS and then you'll know! If it's not your cup of tea, you can always go back to CSA next time. I can't wait to hear about your trip after you return, because I bet you are going to be amazed and will love it!

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    Stop second guessing, enjoy, open your mind and have low expectations. You will always be blown away. Ps, get a massage with the money you are saving with the SR.

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    Each resort has a different feel. CSA has the best beach and a rather laid back feel but small pools. CSS is where my wife and I were married and we have been there 3 times. Smaller beach but bigger pools. One of these is partially filled with mineral water from the springs. They also have a small lagoon with Charlie the sea turtle and a patio with Crackers, a parrot who tend to walk around her cage and area at will. This resort is a bit more romantic and polished. You also get a trip to Dunn's River Falls so bring a pair of water shoes and enjoy. They have a seperate au natural beach if that is to your liking and their Starlight Gala on Fridays covers the whole great yard with entertainment and food galore. You will have a great time. No problem Mon. Iree!

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    I just viewed some pictures of CSS that someone posted on an older thread and the place looks absolutely incredible.

    We have only been to the old Couples Ocho Rios (wonderful in the 90's, haven't been there since) and are soon heading to CN, but after looking at pics of CSS, may want to go there next. I would look forward to it!

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    I love CSA and I loved CSS when we went there in Dec. Whatever you decide to do, I am sure it will be fine.

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    You'll have a blast wherever you end up. No kids, everything you need right there for u with just a few words, no work, the ocean bluer than you've ever seen, a warm atmosphere, and great activities/excursions included. Don't stress. You'll be happy. ;-)

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    We just returned from a SR...I got an email confirmation at booking that was cc'd to sans souci...and my credit card was sans souci. I thought I was SO smart. Needless to say I was SHOCKED 7 days prior to the trip to find out we were going to CTI. Our final reservation showed CTI as guests of Sans Souci.

    Unfortunately the only advice I have patient and wait until 7 days prior. Cuz I was super excited to go to don't be bummed about it might not be going there!

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    CSS is gorgeous and by the way rckbert, I thought I read that Charlie died a while ago. Maybe there is a new Charlie.

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