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    Default Beach Front vs Penthouse

    Hi all!

    My boyfriend and I are trying to plan our trip to CSS but we are not sure whether to book a penthouse suite or a beachfront suite. Does anyone have any good insight in to which is better??

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    More steps to the penthouse, beachfront is closer to the main part of the resort that is active during the day, but the penthouse suites are awesome, especially D14!!!! HUGE balconies, with loungers, table, chairs. Beachfront is great too, but smaller balconies with more uncomfortable chairs. Beachfront you get a jacuzzi tub, just a huge shower with (most if not all I think) penthouses. If you have the extra cash, splurge; if not, no worries, it is still a nice room.
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    Default Penthouse

    In my opinion, the penthouse suites would be better. The primary advantage to beachfront is proximity to the beach, and possibly
    not needing to climb as many stairs. The penthouses have large balconies and great views.

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    It comes down to personal preference. We chose a penthouse and would definitely choose it again because of the large balcony and privacy. We didn't mind all of the steps it took to get to our room because the view was well worth it. Many other people don't mind the small balcony, do mind the stairs, and want to be on the same level as the beaches and main pool, so they choose the beachfront suites. You just have to decide what is more important to you.

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    Default Beach Front v Penthouse

    First I must say I love CSS and it really doesn't matter which you choose. Now since I've been to CSS a multiple of times I prefer Beach Front. Beach front is near the action. CSS is very vertical. Penthouse Suits are near the top of the resort, we really don't spend much time in the room ,so we want to be down near the beach where the action is. Regardless CSS is the best of all the Couples/.

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    We just returned from CSS on Tuesday and honestly, I don't know what to book next time. We booked a penthouse for this trip and were very disappointed with it. Our friends were in D20 and it was gorgeous. Our other friends were beside us in E11 and moved to D block as soon as they could (D14, just fabulous!) We ended up staying in E10 as there was nothing else available. The room was ok but the bedroom was very close to the evening entertainment and a lot of foot traffic. The bathroom was just terrible. Literally the size of our powder room at home. The living room was nice and the view was great. Like I said, I just don't know what to do for next time.

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    Penthouse is the best. We had friends staying in the beachfront suites so we were able to check them out. The rooms are nice but the balcony is rather small. We always get the continental breakfast when we stay at Couples and having a nice, big and private balcony with an incredible view is the best way to enjoy your coffee in the morning. We also get one or two dinners from room service in our weeks stay which is a great option at CSS. Again, having a beautiful place to eat it adds to the evening.
    If the balcony is not a high priority for you, the beachfront rooms are nice too and you will not have as many stairs to deal with.

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    This was the same troubling decision we had to make and it came down to the BFJS for the simple fact there's not so many stairs and she has to have a tub and you won't always get one in the penthouses.
    Hope this helps

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    No matter which one we book we are getting a good deal. Which rooms have the jacuzzi in the bathroom?

    thanks for all the help, hope to see everyone in august

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    Been away from the board for a while. Kind of renewed my interest now that family is heading to CSS in March. We spoke highly of the resort and feel that for the price you really cannot go wrong there. Especially compared to Dominican Republic and Mexico. This thread just called to me to comment. While we had a great trip in Feb '10 we were very disappointed in our room. So much so we are heading somewhere else on the 12th. I wrote the management about our disappointing 3rd trip. They stated that we should have spoken to them about our disappointment while there. We booked our trip 7 months earlier for a penthouse suite. We do not usually go with the premium rooms, at CSA both times we stayed in the Ocean Veranda Suites. But the price difference was not a lot, so we figured, go for it. We traveled with friends, who went to CSA on our referral the year before. We arrived at the resort to learn that there were no penthouse suites available during our stay and they placed us in a beach front suite. The rooms were fine, but since we were traveling with friends we wanted a bigger outside space. After some time haggling we were told that two penthouse suites would be available the next day. Fine, onto our holiday. The next day we were moved. Friends to D block us to F. We have since learned that the room is not even considered a penthouse. Oh well, money spent. We did not want to move again and just dealth with not being able to spend time outside on our balcony, which was the big plus for us at CSA. We spent all our time outside on our veranda there. The friends room was fabulous and private. Ours was not. In the living room we had to close the side curtains as the windows opened up to the entertainment area. The bathroom and bedroom had windows that opened up to the lobby pool. Kept the blinds down the whole time. The second window in the bedroom opened up to the access area to the Baloon Bar and walkway. Learned I could close the shutters so that we at least had some light. The room itself was very nice. The bathroom was just a motel like room timy and uncomfortable. The friends had one and a half bath with the full bath having a huge shower and outside there was a huge veranda. I know how you feel Marnies. It probably wouldn't have been so bad if we were on our own. It may seem trite but now that I have realized that we did not get what we paid for it is even more frustrating. Oh well, in a week and half I will be back in Jamaica. I imagine that we might venture back to CSA where we will know what we are getting with regard to our room. The pricing for CSA is a lot higher than CSS and we probably will go elsewhere next time we are in Negril. Lots of folks say you don't spend much time in your room, and we did our share of sitting on the beach, at the pool and at the bars, but still we do spend time in the morning, late evening and night in the room and feeling like we were in a fish bowl was not what we wanted. I would sit during the entertainment and look over at our room and just shake my head. CSS was a nice resort. Lovely grounds. Missed 7 mile beach. But we knew that going in. We thought that we would be heading to Couples every winter break and were happy our searching days for our get away were over. Considering the situation with our last trip. We just may kick ourselves when in Jamaica this coming trip. We will see. But I know that where you rest your head really does impact your overall vacation as it did with our trip to CSS. One other note, having no other option on the beach party and gala night but room service was not to our liking. Not a fan of dining with plate in hand. And sitting in that room for dinner was really not appealing in any way.

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    The beachfront room have a jacuzzi.

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    Default Penthouse

    I agree with others that the penthouse is the way to go. We stayed in a penthouse and it was huge with a very large balcony overlooking the sea. Some of them are up higher in the resort and the views from these are spectacular. We have never spend so much time on the balcony but the view was so great that we enjoyed every minute. If mobility is a problem or your want to be in the centre of the action then perhaps a beach front would be best.

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    Went ahead and booked the penthouse in august. thanks everyone

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    I'm stuck on this question too, since there is not much of a price difference between the BF suite and the penthouse suite.

    I love the idea of the huge balcony and great views. We don't care about the steps. However, I know that I would be very disappointed if I ended up with one with a tiny bathroom.

    On the other hand, the BF suites all have jacuzzi tubs and showers, which is very appealing. I don't necessarily mind a smaller balcony, though we will be eating breakfast and dinner there occasionally. Is that possible on these balconies? Also, it looks like one of the blocks of BF suites is directly in front of the pool. I wouldn't particularly care for that either.

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    Does anyone have pictures of the balcony in the beach front suite and/or the tiny bathroom in the non-favored penthouse suites?

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    I prefer penthouse/verandah because of the view AND because I like to sit outside early and late to watch the ocean. In the beachfront you only have 2 tiny chairs and a teeny table to sit at. At the veranda/penthouse suites you have loungers and can lay out and relax! You also have a table big enough to have big romantic meals on (we had room service a couple of nights). It was wonderful!
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    We have just returned from our 5th trip to CSS. We stayed in a Beachfront room once, but would never book that category again. The rooms are great, and if you get on the 3rd floor, you will have a great ocean view - but the room will be like a great room in any other resort, and with a very small balcony. The one bedroom ocean suites in G block have views that you will not find in any other resort - the views from there will take your breath away!! AND, the balconies in G block are large, with a table and 4 chairs, plus 2 padded lounge chairs, or a double padded lounger. Then there are the ocean verandah rooms in G block as well, which are even less expensive, but also have the large balconies. The 2 at the top of G block, G 12 B and G 15 A, give the best views, and have the most private balconies of any room in the resort - nobody can see you on those balconies at all!!

    There are rooms in those categories in the other blocks which have smaller balconies, but if you get a room that you don't like, just talk to the front desk staff, and they will try their very best to get you in a room that you do like. The staff at CSS are the best!

    Here's a link to pictures from our trip last April when we were in G 8, a one bedroom ocean view. It has shots of our room, and from the balcony, so you can get a feel for what I'm talking about.

    We were lucky enough to get back into G 8 this trip too, and this time it had a double lounger on the balcony - even better!!

    If you have any other questions about CSS, send us an e-mail to, and we'll gladly answer whatever questions you have!

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    We love the Beachfront suites. The bathrooms are large, with a seperate shower (large) and jacuzzi tub (witch we never use, but my husband hangs all his workout clothes on the clothes line, that extends the entire length) double sinks, plus it has a seperate hair and make-up station. So lots of room for two people to get ready at the same time. The balcony is small, but still lots of room to sit out and enjoy coffee in the morning, or pre dinner drinks.

    We both like to go back to our room after breakfast and lunch, and several times throughout the day, so the room is very handy and easy to get too. We go up to the top usually once during the day for dinner, or evening entertainment, so the stairs are not an issue.

    We don't spend a lot of time on our balcony, as we like to go for drinks at the pool bar or balloon bar up top.

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    Great pictures!! Thanks!

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    You and Paul are so great! I love all the information you have and are willing to share about CSS!

    Be well!
    Suzzette (suzyQ)

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    Okay, after reading what everyone had to say, I booked the penthouse suite at CSS in October 2013. I decided that I value a large balcony more than a large bathroom. I thought about what I said about being disappointed if I get one with a small bathroom....then I remembered that I've gone on roughly a dozen cruises that I LOVED! You can barely turn around in a cruise ship bathroom. lol

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    It really seems as though people prefer the D block for penthouse suites. Is that accurate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stacie & Chris View Post
    It really seems as though people prefer the D block for penthouse suites. Is that accurate?
    Yes, I think so. We've stayed in the Penthouse in both "E" & "D" buildings and there is a big difference between those two. The views from both were great but that was about it.
    D-14 had 1.5 bathrooms, a huge balcony and the master bathroom was also huge. The bathroom in E was very small, no counter space and only one person could fit in there at a time. Being able to both get ready at the same time to go out in the evenings is important for us. It was not really possible in E.
    We stayed in E-10 on our first trip to CSS back in 2008 so we really didn't have anything to compare it to. When we returned in 2009 and got D-14, we realized that there is a big difference in the Penthouses.
    We took advantage of the 7th night free sale and I booked a one bedroom ocean suite for 2013.
    Based on what I've read here on the message board, I think we will like that room as much as D-14.

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    We love the penthouses but only the ones in the "D" block. I wouldn't even consider the E block penthouse suites. The bedrooms are at the back of the units and the bathrooms are so tiny. If you get stuck in E - ask when a D block suite will open up and request a move.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lpmp View Post
    We love the penthouses but only the ones in the "D" block. I wouldn't even consider the E block penthouse suites. The bedrooms are at the back of the units and the bathrooms are so tiny. If you get stuck in E - ask when a D block suite will open up and request a move.
    Thanks for the advice! I will be sure to do that.
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