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    We are staying at Couples Negril in 3 weeks. Does anyone know if the Ocean Front Rooms have a coffee pot or french press provided in-room? Can we request french press in-room?


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    The usual hotel room coffee makers are available in all rooms to make a small pot of coffee when ever the urge arises. As for a french press, the only place I have seen them was at Feathers at CSA. I suppose all the "fine" dining restaurants at Couples use them. But I have not seen them in rooms or elsewhere.

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    All the rooms at CN have a coffee pot in the room ... I'm not a coffee drinker so have no idea what a french press is, though. I didn't see anything on the tray with the coffee pot & coffee/tea selection that I didn't recognize so I'd say "No" but am sure someone will know.

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    Coffee pot. The only French Press I know of is in Otaheite Restaurant. They do deliver coffee to your room starting at 6:00am.
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    The coffee from room service is better than the coffee at Cassava or from the little coffee pot in the room. If you like cream in your coffee, bring your own because they only have low fat milk

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