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    Default Weather in October

    If anybody could please let me know what the weather is like in October, I would really appreciate it. I booked CSA for October 9th through 17th and after I made my plans, my husband read somewhere that October is the rainiest month in Jamaica. Now I’m panicking and thinking of changing our trip to some other dates. So, if any one visited Jamaica in October before, please let me know about your experience.

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    We have been 3 times in October and the weather was fantastic. It rained almost everyday , sometimes 10 minutes, sometimes 2 hours. But it would always turn to sun. Hurricane season is starting to slow down in October. We have had more rain in April when we were there.
    With that being said, there are no guarantees, so just go and enjoy. We have come to look forward to the afternoon showers. We go to our room and get a nap. We have found that if we get a nap,. we can stay up until around 9 pm. WOW, don't we sound fun!

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    We went in October once.

    We go in February or March now.

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    We went to CN last October. Rained just about everyday for a short time mid afternoon. No problem though!!! So many things to do for that half hour or hour....grab a drink and jump in the hot tub, a short mid-day nap, a bite to eat, a little quiet time back at the get the idea. We didn't mind a little rain at all!

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