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    Default Rooms above the Cabana Grill at CSA?

    A map of CSA that I have indicates that rooms 5201 - 5214 are located in the same building as the Cabana Grill, on the second floor. Is this accurate? I never noticed them during my stay, but wasn't looking for them either. Are these rooms for guests? If they are, what room category are they (GHVS perhaps?)? Has anyone stayed there? If so, what were they like? I'm just curious.
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    I'd say they are GHVS rooms. They are at the Great House, so that would make sense to me.

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    Great House Jacuzzi Suite

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    I would say the rooms aren't so much above the Cabana Grill as above the Patios Patio. It seemed to me that though they were very close they are separate buildings, maybe I remember it wrong. There weren't any rooms directly over the Cabana Grill regardless. Does that help you any?

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    The Cabana Grill is separate but in the same area. There really isn't anything above the Cabana Grill and it isn't attached to anything other than the bathrooms by the pool. The Great House has rooms that start with 5 if I remember correctly. There are restaurants below those rooms in the Great House but the Cabana Grill isn't really part of it. I don't know which rooms those are specifically but they are probably GHVS, they could possibly be any of the other Great House rooms too.

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