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    Default Our Wedding at CTI 1/11/11

    It was perfect...
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    The pictures didn't come through???

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    Great pics!! I'd love to see more

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    Now they are there!!! BEAUTIFUL!!~

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    gorgeous, jody!!! you both look great! who did your photos? Stacey?

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    The photographer at the resort.....did a great job....we got the deluxe package which included a video...that turned out nice too..


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    beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing

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    Very nice pics! Congratulations to you both!

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    Thanks :-)

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    Great Pics from the couple that got married 3 days before you and sang with Dan!!!

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    I am getting married 5/24/11 at CTI. I was wondering, how many pictures did they take and did you have to pay extra for them to keep taking pictures. Someone was saying that the resort photographers after 36 you are charged per image. Also we were planning on getting the deluxe package as well with the 36 pictures, how much did it cost you? And my final question what was on the CD they give you, is it all the pictures they take? Any information would be helpful.

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    We just got married at CTI and the resort photographer took about 60 pics, I think. I didn't count the total, but it was far more than 36. He continued taking pics w/o prompting until we were satisfied, although we didn't push for too many ideas or locations that he didn't suggest. If you wanted something in particular I'm sure he'd do it.

    We only bought the 24 pic package so after the wedding we were able to review all the pics he took and choose the 24 we liked. After that, they printed us 5x7s of those 24 we chose and put them in an album for us, then they also put those 24 images in jpg format on the CD. So the cd contains just the images you choose and pay for, not every image the photographer takes.

    We were very satisfied w/Nicholas, our Couples photographer. If you're relaxed and have fun w/it, your pics will be much better. If you have some ideas for poses or locations you particularly want, that will also help make your pics even better.

    I hope that helps. Have a great time. I already wish we could go back and do it again it was so much fun!

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    They take way more than 36 pics....we didnt need to have another hour..they took them until we were done....anything over the 36 is $10.00 a picture I believe......the CD with the deluxe package was the video of our wedding and then walking around the resort and at the end still pics...loved the video but there was A LOT of kissing in it....borderline porn was nice though....

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    Thanks for the info! I was wondering about how the photography worked. And you had great pictures!

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