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    Default March 7-14, some tennis etc questions

    My wife and I will be at CN March 7-14. I am a little nuts about tennis and would like to meet up with some people for a game. I'm not a pro but I can play. I have read that the other Couples resort does little tournaments.... does CN as well? The other resort has more courts and likely has more tennis stuff going on. I wonder if I can go play at the other resort if I want to?

    I was at Sa few years ago... I played sports all morning and then beached it for the rest of the day. It was like a sports spa for me. I hope to repeat this at Couples! It sounds like a really nice place, perfect for us.

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    I have never seen much tennis activity at CN. My husband and I play and are happy to have courts to ourselves.

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    If you are really interested in tennis then CSA is a much better choice for you. CSA has 10 courts with 3 resort pros and 1 visiting pro. I have been to CSA 18 times and go there primarily for the tennis. CN does not really have a tennis program like CSA does.

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    Yeah when I booked CN, I had no idea that CSA had such a big tennis program. Whatever, I'll be happy as long as I can find somebody to play. But I do wonder if there is an easy way to go over to the CSA courts and play there once or twice during the week? I'd like to see the place anyway, to compare it to CN. I think that CN might be better overall, since my wife and I are looking for a quiet beach for a week. The CSA beach seems to be part of a pretty busy stretch of beach.

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    Hi Canadamark! My husband and I will be there just one week after you (darn it). He will be the traveling pro for the week of the 20th. This will be our 3rd trip to CN. Devon is the head pro on the property and you will likely have a visiting pro there as well. The morning clinics are usually drills with some play, but the afternoon session is usually a roundrobin social, all ran by the visiting pro. Last time we were there my husband (Mark) had as few as 2 in the morning classes, but as many as 10 in the afternoon social. It depends on the guests and quite frankly if the visiting pro runs fun and exciting classes.
    You can usually meet the visiting pro and the head pro at the manager's reception on Monday nights.
    Have a wonderful time in paradise!!

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