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    Default Just Back From CSA and CSS!

    Just got home from another wonderful Couples vacation! If anyone wants to see the pictures, here they are!

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    Which resort do you prefer? This will be our 3rd trip to CSA, but we're thinking of trying CSS next time. :O)

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    Very cool!! Thanks for sharing!

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    wow! I didn't even know TA had that feature. very cool. looks like fun, I can't wait to see Swept Away for myself!

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    Great pictures Marnie!! We had a blast what a great time. Already looking for next year! So nice meeting all of you. Stay warm and start the countdown!

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    Great photos !

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    Great Pic's Looks like you had a great time!

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    Great Job!!!
    What mode of transportation did you use between the two resorts and how long did it take you? We are doing a CN CSS split this summer and I'm weighing our options.

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    I spoke with you on the Catamaran trip from CSA, glad the second leg was enjoyable also.

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    Schwieso- how was your Secret Rendezvous to CTI??

    Did you post a review yet?

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    Hi All;

    Yes, we had a great time at both resorts! It is hard to say which is better, they are so different. We had great friends waiting for us when we arrived at both resorts which is a huge bonus! We also met NEW friends like Rob and Leslie at CSS and Kim and Norm at CSA. Really hope to see lots of familliar faces next year too. Not sure which resorts we will invade but you can be sure it will be Couples!

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    Default Csa


    Looks like your group had a great time - I was wondering did you stay in a GVS at CSA - which building and room #?

    Thanks for your help

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    Great pictures Marnie! It was nice seeing you all again

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    Hi everyone;

    We left CSA on a Tuesday morning at 6am. We wanted to miss the rush hour traffic. We stopped just outside of Montego Bay for about 10 minutes and arrived at CSS at 8:45. We went in a small bus, just the 2 of us and our driver was great.
    Yes, we stayed at CSA in a GVS. I think it was 3301, top floor corner unit. The view was great, had a great view of the ocean!
    It was nice to see you again too Sue! Have a great time in March!

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    Hi Marnie, very nice pictures. It was nice meeting you and Dave, and the rest of the gang. Looking forward to next year.
    Art and Cheryl.

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