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    Hi Everyone,
    I'm new here (our first trip to CSS is booked for Jan 2010!).... we've been to Jamaica and Mexico several times, and without fail, the beds have been hard and the pillows kind of lumpy. How are the beds at CSS??? They look decent, so I am holding out hope that we will sleep well there!

    Thanks so much!

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    very comfy

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    Yep always found them good. Also I like a firm pillow and always found the maids very helpful to requests

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    Seems to me the beds at CSA and CSS were firm and there are plenty of pillows, have fun!

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    IIRC, CSS just got new mattresses and pillows last year when they updated the rooms.

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    i remember the sheets being awful at csa. i'm hoping css is better.

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    Are the beds at Couples real king beds or two fulls pushed together? We had two fulls at our resort this year and it was horrible! We will never do that again.

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    the beds are king size and I mean KING! Wish I had one at home

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