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    We are headed to Ocho Rios Feb 18 and not staying at a couples resort. We would like to go to the AN beach. Is it possible to get a day pass and who would we contact to do so. Also would you recommend CSS or CTI?

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    Yes I think you will be able to get a day pass... you would have to check with your resort when you check in.... I recommend CTI... but CSS is just as nice.... CSS might be better since the area is larger and they bring over hot food everyday and at CTI while they do bring burgers and fries and chicken you get a better meal at CSS... hope I didnt make your choice tougher....

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    I don't think you can get a day pass but I would just stop and ask. Tower Ile is the only place we've been.

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    I think you can get a day pass.... for some reason 85 bucks comes to mind... I would recommend CTI... years ago, we were 1st timers on tower isle... and it was perfect. We have been to both, and sunset beach is very nice, but hey, CTI has the "naked island". How perfect is that?

    -Just the Captains version of an opinion

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    Pretty sure you cannot get a day pass unless you're staying at another Couples property. In fact, I'm positive.

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    Yes, you can get a day pass. CTI and CSS are both great if you are looking for AN, but our preference is CSS. It is a larger beach (an actual beach vs the rock island), much larger pool and a each grill. We returned to CSS for a day while we were on a cruise stop. And of course you also have access to all of the resort offerings except room. In December, the day pass was $50 per person. Enjoy...

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    I can't imagine Couples not wanting people from other resorts checking the place out. The cruise ships do excursions to Couples and that could potentially take future business away from the cruise line. The possible benefits from the exposure are pretty obvious.

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    You will torture yourself with a day pass...I PROMISE. There was a couple on a cruise that did a day pass and did not want to leave the island. His girlfriend let him know *and everyone else* that next time he better skip the cruise and book with couples. I really felt sorry for them. They were a great couple and we hated to see them go as well. So my suggestion if you can, change your trip. One day at CTI is like only taking one lick from an ice cream cone.

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