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    League Cup final is on the 27th February, Arsenal v Birmingham City, (come on you Blues!). Does anyone know if I will be able to watch the match anywhere at CTI during the day please?

    Thanks as always.

    Regards Dave

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    When we where at CN 2 years ago we found the games room had a wider selection of channels than the tv in our room. There was a lot of cricket on while we where there so not sure whether these were tuned in especially.

    While we are there this June there is a Euros qualifier or friendly - can't remember. We will speak to the entertainment staff, to see if they can arrange for it to be on this tv.

    In short, there is no sky sports. There is Espn but not the English version. It covers all sports and I don't think the carling cup final will be shown in it entirety.

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    Thanks Poolie,

    I think it is unlikely the match will be on and what's more do I want to see the boys stuffed having just started my holiday, not sure. Wouls be good though 1st major final for 10 years and 1st at Wembley since 1956, 10 years ago was Cardiff. I will talk to them when I get out there and see if anything can be done.

    Enjoy June.

    Regards Dave

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    Are you taking a laptop? If you are you could always watch the game or highlights on the net. I know BBC iplayer does not work outside of the UK however the game will be shown on an internet stream somewhere.

    During our first trip to CN in 2009, we got speaking to a couple of the bar staff who were footy fans. If you manage to find someone they will be able to tell you which channels will cover the game or where is the best place to go to watch the game. I think local channels will cover the game, just not the channels they have as standard in the hotel.

    I would defo want to watch the game. If Hartlepool ever made it to Wembley I would cancel my holiday! We have an outside chance (very slim) of making the play-offs, hence why we are travelling the tuesday after the League 1 play off final.

    Enjoy your trip.

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    Poolie's reply is very close to the solution. A quick check of the internet will reveal loads of websites that will have streams of the game live. If stuck pm me....

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    Good luck to you and let's hope you make it to Wembley, been to the old one for Auto windscreen shield great day out. I think if I cancelled to watch a match my good lady would say see ya and go without me and look for a divorce on our return, (she loves me really).

    Enjoy yourselves when you get back.

    Regards Dave

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    We were at CSA last May during the FA Cup. I am from Portsmouth and we were really keen to watch it. We asked ahead and were promised that it would be available in the sports area....but it wasn't. In the end we listened on radio live on the World Service(and Portsouth lost). Jamaica just didn't seem to take proper football seriously. We are there next week for the Superbowl and I bet they don't forget that. Actually the staff seemed most interested in the cricket.

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    As a last resort hop in a cab up to Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville. They have the major satellite networks (Fox, ESPN, Star etc) and usually offer a choice of Prem/Cup/EUFA games (beers are a bit pricey though at $3.50 a throw). CTI would check they are showing it for you and arrange a cab. In March we are at CSA and Margaritaville is 400 yds down the beach - nothing better than watching the game feet from the Sea with a dip at half time and then wandering back to CSA for afternoon cocktails and snacks etc. Most of the bar guys follow English teams, especially mine ..... MUFC!

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    I think we might try Margaretaville for the England game while we are out there. It will be worth a shot.

    Dave... My bf and I are both Pools mad. It makes for a easy decision when choosing holiday times.

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    BOOOOM! Margaritaville! Hope the Gooners get trounced! More interested in the Champions League tbh - and if the beers are $3.50 then so be it - it's a unique service they're providing

    Hear me noow

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    You must be one happy fella!
    I hope you managed to watch the game. I bet the rum is flowing today!!


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