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    Default Rooms at CSW: Great House Verandah Suite vs Garden Verandah

    Hello we are preparing to book a one week vacation through Apple Vacations out of Chicago in March to Couples Swept Away in Negril , and I have a question regarding the rooms .

    The standard room that you get with Apples booking is called the "Great House Verandah Suite" , but for a $50.00 per person upgrade we can get a "Garden Verandah Suite". I guess they both have televisions, (which we like).

    I was wondering if the "standard Great House room" has any advantages and or drawbacks as far as location , noise etc. On the website of Couples you don't see the real location of the Great House rooms, but I suspect they are located over the complex that has Feathers restaurant , Patios Patio, close to Cabana grill etc.
    Or should we just spend the extra to enjoy the Garden Verandah Suite.


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    Of all the rooms at CSA, the GHVS is the one I would want the least. I would absolutely upgrade. Some of the GHVS have a not so hot view of neighboring businesses and they can be noisy. I would much rather have a more tropical atmosphere with trees and flowers outside of my room. They are located all the way on the end of the property which for us is a huge disadvantage because we spend most of our time clear on the other side of the resort near the water sports areas. You are correct on the location, they are in the same building as those restaurants.

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    I already answered this question on TA, small world! LOL But I still say the Garden Verandah would be better. If you can swing it, I believe this is definitely the way to go. :O)

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